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Dog Grooming- why?

Keeping your dog in good health is essential, however many dog owners do not realize the importance of grooming your dog in terms of his or her health. Grooming isn't just about your dog looking good, it is detrimental to a dog’s well-being and quality of life.

When people initially think of grooming their dog, they generally start with the dog's coat. Dogs need to be brushed on a regular basis, particularly if they are long haired. This will get rid of knots and tangles in the hair and also any dirt which may have developed. Matting and grime build up can lead to skin irritations if not rectified within a reasonable time which will not only cause discomfort for your pet, but can lead to more serious health problems later. Fleas are also a common problem in dogs and by keeping check on your dog's hair you can keep fleas under control. Longer haired dogs will benefit from their coat being trimmed, particularly around the eye or ear areas to prevent weeping. There are a wide variety of dog grooming brushes and combs available to suit different coats, flea control and detangling.

Bathing should be carried out ideally on a weekly basis and at any other point when your dog may have got particularly dirty. Use a dog shampoo as these are mild and designed to care for your dog’s coat and there is also a wide choice available. Johnson's do an ample range of pet products which cater for different ages of dog, along with specific needs such as stronger odour and luxury coat. Bathing your dog also helps you to notice any other injuries such as cuts, scratches or lumps.

Any dog owner knows how difficult it can be to clean a dog’s teeth. There are many chews and bone pet products online available which do help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, however it is recommended that your dog's teeth are cleaned properly on occasion. Toothbrush and paste sets are available; if you are struggling to do this yourself then your vet should give you some advice, otherwise give your dog regular teeth cleaning dental sticks.

If your dog is active and spends a lot of time outdoors then nail clipping may not be necessary, however for smaller dogs it is important. Long nails can be dangerous for your dog, other people and your furniture. Ensure to use correct dog nail clippers and don't cut down too far.

Grooming you dog is not only good for your dog, if your dog is clean then so is your home; this will benefit you even more if your dog is prone to shedding. Grooming also creates a special bond between you and your dog and he or she will feel cared for and loved. Over all, we all feel better for looking good and a clean healthy dog is a happy dog.


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