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Dog Breeds With The Longest Bodies

Some dog breeds are specifically bred to have particularly long bodies. For some breeds this serves a purpose, with others it is purely for aesthetic reasons. with longer bodies can get along just fine, however it does have a few drawbacks.

You need to be really careful with dogs that have long bodies because it can put strain on their backs. It means you have to be aware of this when you pick them up or take them out and about. If you don’t pick them up correctly you could cause a lot of damage to their backs. They might also have trouble getting up steep steps and struggle across challenging terrain.


Breeds with longer backs are more likely to suffer from back and spinal problems. If these problems go untreated they can be in a lot of pain. ‘Hot dog’ type breeds have become more popular over the years, but some people don’t realise the extra care they require. You need to look out for signs that your dog is in pain, for example if they yelp when you pick them up or if they walk with an arched back.


It is particularly important for dogs with long bodies to maintain a healthy weight. If they get overweight this will put more pressure on their back and really restrict their mobility. They should also be prevent from jumping off things such as sofas, chairs and out the car boot as this could damage their back. Some overly vigorous games such as tug of war should also be avoided.


These breeds can make lovely pets, you just have to be aware of their specific needs. Here are some examples of dog breeds with particularly long bodies.








Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen










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