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Dog Breeds That Really Feel The Cold


During the winter some dogs can struggle with the cold. When temperatures drop really low there are a few breeds that don’t cope as well as others. Breeds like huskies and malamutes do very well in the cold, because they have thick coats to protect them. However, most breeds with short coats really feel the cold and need a helping hand during the winter months.


You can help your dog by getting them warm coats and jumpers, drying them off properly and making sure their bed is in a warm area of your home. In general, very small, toy dogs or dogs with short coats all get cold very easily. Older dogs are also at risk because their bones and joints get stiff and their immune system isn’t as good.


Here are a few examples of dog breeds that are susceptible to the cold.



Whippets have a similar build to greyhounds, but they are much smaller. They are usually fairly slim dogs with a petite frame. They don’t have a lot of fat and their short coats don’t provide much protection.



Greyhounds are also very slim dogs with little fat. You often see them wearing coats in the winter because the can get cold very easily.


Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are even smaller than whippets. They have a short, smooth coat and very little fat on their bodies (providing they are kept at the correct weight)


Short Haired Chihuahuas

All Chihuahuas can feel the cold but short haired Chihuahuas are the most at risk. Not only are they tiny little dogs but they only have a short, smooth coat to protect them.



Although Yorkies can have a longer coat, it is silky and doesn’t really hold in warmth very well. It’s not unusual to see a Yorkie struggling on very chilly days. These adorable little dogs need to be kept warm in the winter.


Chinese Crested

The hairless variation of the Chinese Crested probably find the cold the hardest out of all the dog breeds. They have absolutely no hair to insulate them and protect their skin from the elements. This breed needs very specific care because its skin is so exposed.


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