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Caring For Your Dog In Cold Weather & Snow

It isn’t just humans that sometimes struggle to cope in the cold. Dogs feel the cold too and the winter weather brings a few hazards to watch out for. Your dog will have a fantastic time playing in the snow and going on long winter walks, you just need to be aware of a few things that could cause problems for them. You can do some helpful things to make sure that your dog stays fit and healthy during the cold and snow.

Some dogs definitely do find the cold weather tougher than others, it depends what type of coat your dog has, their size, age and what conditions they are used to. Slimmer dogs with short coats are generally much more susceptible to the cold. Huskies for example will cope much better than whippets, pugs and dalmatians. Here are some helpful tips to help care for your dog during harsh weather conditions.

Dog Coats & Jumpers

Some dogs will need a warm coat for the winter. Cosy winter coats will keep them warm and protected from the cold when they go outside. Not all dogs need them but if your dog feels the cold then a winter coat is a sensible investment. View our range of winter coats here

Trim Paw Pads

It’s easy for ice and snow balls to build up in your dogs paw pads causing discomfort and injuries. Cutting back the hair on their paw pads will reduce the chance of the hair matting and attracting a buildup of snow. Don’t cut them too short or they won’t have enough protection, if you are unsure get a dog groomer to do it for you.

Cut Their Nails

Don’t let their nails get too long in the winter. Keep them cut short so that they don’t injure themselves.

Wipe Paws After Walks

It’s a good idea to wipe your dogs paws after every walk. Not only is it good to get rid of any excess snow from their paws but it’s also good to get into the routine of checking their paws. Keep an eye out for cracks, sores and anything imbedded in their paws.

Watch Out For Grit & Antifreeze

Antifreeze is highly toxic for dogs and other pets. Watch your dog at all times when you are out in the winter.

Stay Away From Ice, Ponds & Lakes

Don’t take your dog for walks near water when it’s icy if you think they might run onto it. They could fall in or slip over and injure themselves.

Get A Fireguard For Your Fireplace

When you get your fire burning in the winter just watch out your dog doesn’t get too close. If they sit too near they could burn themselves so get a fireguard just to be safe.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Out In The Cold

Don’t leave your dog out for too long in the cold, especially if they don’t normally spend much time outside.

Extra Winter Bedding

You may want to stock up on extra bedding for your dog. As the nights start to get colder they may need a few extra blankets to keep them warm.

Dry Your Dog Properly After A Bath

Make sure your dog is 100% dry after they have been groomed. They will get very cold very quickly if they are damp during the winter.


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