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Readigrass 15kg

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Readigrass 15kg

ReadiGrass - The Natural Part of Your Horse's Diet

ReadiGrass was developed by Friendship Estates 17 years ago and has been produced exclusively on our farm in Yorkshire ever since. As our flagship product, ReadiGrass has come to stand for quality and consistency in a unique product that horses and small animals love, we continually strive to keep the price competitive without sacrificing the high standard we have set.

ReadiGrass is a 100% natural feed, with all the goodness of ryegrass pastures captured in every bag. Made exclusively from British pastures, the unique low-temperature drying process removes the water, but leaves the fragrant grass aroma, vibrant colour and most importantly the high nutrient value of fresh grass. This gives a feed that is more nutritious than hay yet still contains the digestible fibre essential for every horse’s health’.

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 15%

Crude Fibre 21%

Crude Oil and Fats


Calcium 0.55%



Ca : P Ratio 2 : 1

Equine Digestible Energy

10 MJ/kg

ReadiGrass is available in 15kg bales

ReadiGrass can be fed for a variety of reasons including;

Horses with limited access to fresh pastures

For horses with poor dentition and an inability to chew long stem fibres

To prevent weight loss when horse comes in from summer grazing to winter stabling

To avoid dust allergies caused by storage moulds in hay

To supplement, or completely replace, poor quality hay with a low nutritional value

As a treat or a change for a horse bored with winter forage

The benefits of ReadiGrass include:

High feed value

Rich in digestible fibre to aid correct gut function

Natural source of nutrients including the correct Calcium: Phosphorus ratio.

Dust extracted for a healthy respiratory tract

The drying process prevents fungal spores and other contaminants found in hay.

No molasses or additives

Highly palatable to even fussy eaters

Reduces bolting of feed and encourages chewing to sustain correct wear of teeth.

Reduces boredom – Edinburgh University research shows that short chop forage takes longer to eat than long chop forage.

Feeding Recommendations

Example of Daily Diet for a 500kg horse.



Diet A

50% (3.75 kg) ReadiGrass

50% Hay

Diet B

50% (3.75 kg) ReadiGrass

50% Chaff

Medium Work

Diet A

50% (5 kg) ReadiGrass

40% Hay

10% Concentrates

Diet B

100% (10 kg) ReadiGrass

Hard Work

Diet A

50% (6.25 kg) ReadiGrass

25% Hay

25% Concentrates

Diet B

80% (10 kg) ReadiGrass

20% Concentrates

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