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Puppy Treats

Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy Treats Chewy Cubes with Chicken 125g Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy Treats Chewy Cubes with Chicken 125g
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Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy Treats Chewy Cubes with Chicken 125g Succulent bite size mini dog treats - PEDIGREE® Tasty Minis Junior are soft, chewy chunks, specially designed with added calcium to help support the growth of strong teeth & bones. Ideal for training, rewarding or just treating your dog at any time. 125g of tasty Chicken flavour dog chew treat chunks. Chewy dog treats with added Calci…
Pedigree Puppy Dental Tubos 3 pcs Pedigree Puppy Dental Tubos 3 pcs
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Pedigree Puppy Dental Tubos 3 pcs Puppies love to chew, but it's important for them not to chew anything too hard that could damage their teeth. PEDIGREE Puppy DentaTubos have a unique shape and texture specially designed for developing teeth and gums. They are calcium rich for healthy growth and development and they taste great, much better than a chair leg or your new shoes! Use PEDIGREE Puppy D…
Good Boy Puppy Milk Drops 125G Good Boy Puppy Milk Drops 125G
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Good Boy Puppy Drops are a tasty milk treat with added calcium for strong healthy teeth and bones. Packaged in Good Boy branded display for easy on-shelf merchandising. Ideal treat, reward or training aid.
KONG Easy Treat Puppy Chicken 226g KONG Easy Treat Puppy Chicken 226g
£4.99 - £5.75
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Kong Easy Treat Puppy Chicken 226g Chicken KONG Puppy Easy Treat makes KONG stuffing easy. Simply apply the tasty paste to the inside of a KONG Puppy toy. Specially formulated chicken liver flavor is perfect for a puppy’s sensitive tummy. Easy to dispense Perfect for use with any KONG Puppy rubber toy Delicious Puppy chicken liver flavor irresistible to most dogs Formulated for sensitive puppy tum…
ByBenji Biltong Dog Training Treats 80g ByBenji Biltong Dog Training Treats 80g
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ByBenji Biltong Dog Training Treats 80g Ultimate high value reward & recall treat. Bite sized pieces of pure silverside beef. Uniquely marinated to create an intensity of flavour. Naturally air cured Stay dry in the hand Our training treats are fast becoming the choice of pet parents and industry professionals alike. Bite sized pieces of pure silverside beef , uniquely marinated to create an inten…

Looking for delicious puppy chews and tatsy puppy treats?

Luckily, you've come to the right place!

Do you have a new puppy in the home? One of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a new fur parent is the task of training a new puppy. To successfully have a new puppy listen and respond to commands, you need a good incentive. The way to do this? Puppy treats! Not only are they an excellent aid during training, but they can also work as an excellent supplement to the diet your puppy is on. Whether you are looking for healthy and organic treats, soft treats, specific puppy training treats or puppy chews, we can offer you a broad choice for your puppy.

Rewards Ahead! Even the healthy puppy treats will go down a treat!

We all love to spoil the new puppy in the family. It doesn't matter whether it’s because they’ve listened to your commands, or they're merely cute, and you’d like to give them a treat - they love it. They respond well to positive reinforcement, and if you are offering treats for good behaviour, your puppy is going to feel good about that. When you use puppy training treats as a reward for their excellent listening, you are going to see fast results

The critical thing to remember is that whether you use Pet Munchies or the Pedigree Puppy Dental Tubos, puppies have stomachs that are much more sensitive than adult dogs. They haven't been eating as long as older dogs, so it’s very trial and error when it comes to the treats that you offer them; there is such a thing as too much!

Keep Track Of Treats

It’s always better to keep track of the treats that you give your puppy; obesity is a problem in dogs, and you want them to remain as healthy as possible. Make a note of how many treats you have given your puppy in one day, and then subtract that amount of food from their dinner. This way, you’re giving them the same amount of Puppy Food, but it’s spaced out a little.

It’s usually a good idea to choose puppy treats that are loaded with protein and other balanced nutrients. We provide a wide range of prepared and natural treats, and they all vary in terms of what they’re good for. Puppy dental chews are excellent treats for healthy teeth, but the Puppy Coachies are great little training treats that your puppy will love.

Without doubt, we've got the best treats for puppies

The best quality treats have all been designed with your puppy and their diet in mind. Our treats range are well balanced, with the right nutrients for your puppy to ensure that their diet is as healthy as possible. Avoid giving your dog chocolate outside the treats that we carry; real chocolate is poison for a dog and can cause liver damage. The most important thing for your puppy is a balance. So, use puppy training treats slowly and calmly - too much of a good thing will cause issues. Have a look at our extensive range for your new puppy!

Bark Box has an excellent blog post about what treats are safe for puppies. Well worth a read


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