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Cat Scratching Posts

Catit Scratch Board Wide Large Catit Scratch Board Wide Large
Catit Scratch Board Wide Large A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy. The Catit Scratching Board with Catnip provides your cat with a corrugated scratching
Classic Sisal Cat Mat 23inchx11.5inch Classic Sisal Cat Mat 23inchx11.5inch
In stock
Classic Sisal Cat Mat 23inchx11.5inch A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy. The Catit Scratching Board with Catnip provides your cat with a corrugated scratching.
Hagen Scratching Board with Patterns for Cats Hagen Scratching Board with Patterns for Cats
In stock
Hagen Scratching Board with Patterns for Cats Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, the Catit Style Patterned Cat Scratcher is a modern twist on conventional scratchers. A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. It helps them to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws
Petlife No Scratch Repellent 150ml Petlife No Scratch Repellent 150ml
In stock
PETLIFE NO SCRATCH REPELLENT 150ML No scratch! spray will help train your cat to stop scratching furniture, carpets and curtains. Odourless Should not stain or mark upholstery Contains no harsh chemicals No Scratch contains herbal essentials that when sprayed on fabric surfaces discourages cats from scratching the treated surface.
Trixie Elicio Cat Scratching Post Dark Brown 113cm Trixie Elicio Cat Scratching Post Dark Brown 113cm
1 in stock
Trixie Elicio Scratching Post Dark Brown 113cm Elicio Scratching Post with plush cover (polyester) posts wrapped in jute/plush (polyester) cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester) colour: dark brown Elicio Scratching Post Floor area: ø 50 cm Post: ø 9 cm Height: 113 cm Colour: dark brown
Trixie Salamanca Cat Scratching Post Beige 8 x 138cm Trixie Salamanca Cat Scratching Post Beige 8 x 138cm
1 in stock
Trixie Salamanca Scratching Post Beige 8 x 138cm Salamanca Scratching Post with plush cover (polyester) posts wrapped in natural sisal cave fitted with plush (polyester) padded platform with rope with toys on string colour: beige Salamanca Scratching Post Measurements: ø 8 × 138 cm Floor area: 40 × 50 cm Post: ø 8 cm Height: 138 cm

Why buy a cat scratching post or cat tower?

Cats need to scratch regularly. This is to rid their claws of the dead outer layers and to mark their territory. Scratching also helps cats to stretch their muscles and can relax them after a period of stress such as a confrontation with another cat. It is normal behaviour, but it can be frustrating if your feline friend’s attention turns to your sofa. Cats need to scratch but they don’t need to scratch your furniture! This is where cat scratching posts come in.

The Benefits Of Cat Scratching Posts:

As the majority of cat owner will know, cats thoroughly enjoy scratching. While your cat's claws can be trimmed, it is not a good idea to remove them entirely as cats in essence enjoy scratching and to them it is a way of entertaining themselves. The moment your cat notices they have claws; you will almost certainly start to see damage to table legs, wallpaper chairs, and mostly any item of furniture which they can destroy. This is when cat scratching posts come in very useful

Discovering a scratching post which your cat enjoys using and which genuinely entertains them is vital; yet this can be a difficult task. It is prudent to look for habits in your cat to see when and how they like to scratch. The majority of cats like to scratch upright, standing on their rear legs, so if your cat repeatedly scratches the legs of your furniture and upholstery, then is probably best to go for a vertical scratching post which they are more likely to find appealing.

Moreover, it is wise to position the scratching post in areas where they routinely scratch furniture or else next to their favourite piece of furniture. If you are still finding it difficult to get your cat to use the scratching post, top manufacturers like Ancol actually offers a range which includes catnip, as a result attracting your cat to the post. Your cat should then ultimately start associating it with the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

Furthermore you can also offer treats to your cat when they begin to use the scratching post rather than your pieces of furniture, so that they start to correlate the scratching post with good behaviour and rewards.

Cats have a passion for climbing on things such as windowsills, work surfaces, beds and tables etc. Cats also enjoy hiding inside cupboards and under pieces of furniture. are also available with tunnels and multi levelled platforms. This creates an activity centre for your cat. This is beneficial for your cat, as it provides exercise and generally keeps them agile both mentally and physically. Moreover it also lets you to keep track of them and helps to prevent damage to your home.

How to Teach Your Cat to Use Their Cat Scratching Post

Scratching is a natural behaviour which helps cats to ride their claws of old layers, to stretch their legs and to mark their territory. You will never stop your cat from scratching and you shouldn’t. But what you can do is encourage them to use a scratching post rather than your favourite furniture!

Teaching a cat to do anything can be tricky. Whilst quick to learn anything which is to their advantage, most cats are world champions at ignoring everything else. To make matters worse cats are also skilled attention seekers when it suits them and will soon learn that scratching your antique cabinet is guaranteed to get a reaction. So what can you do to save that cabinet and your sanity?

Start Early

It is best to start training your pet from when they are a kitten if at all possible. Clearly you will have missed this particular boat if you have adopted an adult cat in which case begin their training as soon as they are settled in your home.

The Right Cat Scratching Post

Cats will not scratch a wobbly post and will prefer one which is tall enough for them to stretch to their full length. If you have the wrong post for your cat’s needs then you will struggle to train them to use it. They may be more inclined to use a post which they can clearly identify as their territory so a scratching post with a platform or sleeping area could be a good investment. Most cats prefer a vertical surface to scratch but a few will opt for horizontal surfaces and these may include your carpet! Watch where your cat chooses to scratch before investing in your cat scratching post and you should be able to choose the right style for their needs.


It is vital that you position any cat scratching post where cats are most likely to want to use it. Every cat will have its own preferences but these will never include locations close to their litter tray or food. Many cats like a stretch and scratch after a period of rest and so it can be a good idea to locate their post close to where they sleep. If you have the budget then invest in a few scratching posts which you can position in different rooms. If your cat never has to travel far to find a post there is a better chance that they will steer clear of your furniture.

Carrot and Stick

Even with the best cat scratching post in the world, your cat may still require a little encouragement to use it. Training will involve both rewards and dissuasion. Place treats, catnip or toys on the scratching post and praise your cat for using it. If they attempt to scratch anything else make it clear that you are angry. You could also squirt your cat with a little water whenever they scratch inappropriately.

If you fail to make headway then try a different kind of scratching post before you give up. It could be the case that you have simply chosen a post which doesn’t suit. Your cat will probably find a favourite place to scratch which it will always be hard to keep them away from but your scratching post should eventually solve most of your problems.

The Perfect Cat Scratching Post for your feline friend

You can easily train your cat to use a scratching post instead of more valuable items in the house. For your efforts to be successful you must choose a good quality post which is sturdy, and which does not wobble. Cats want a stable surface to pull at. The post should be high enough to enable your cat to fully stretch and should feature the right texture. Sisal rope is excellent in this regard as it is durable, yet cats can really sink their claws into it.

Cats vary in their tastes just like people and so you may have to experiment in order to hit on the perfect post for your kitty. Some cats will be attracted to trees or towers featuring toys or beds, whilst others will favour hideouts to lie in or platforms to sit on. At Time for Paws we have a fabulous range of cat climbing frames and activity centres which includes models offering each of these features. We also have fine large cat scratching posts which include hammocks and super tall ones for the more adventurous cat. What luxury! There is sure to be a scratching post to please your puss.

Where to locate your scratching post or cat tree?

To maximise the appeal of your cat scratching post you should choose its location carefully. It is best positioned in the area of the home where your cat spends most of its time. If your cat tends to scratch a furnishing, then place the scratching post adjacent to this. Do not locate your scratching post close to your cat’s food bowl or litter tray.

Encouraging your cat to use their cat tree or cat tower

Reward your cat for using the scratching post. You can do this my praising him and by giving him a tasty treat. Warn him sternly when he scratches inappropriate items. He will soon get the message. It shouldn’t be long before your cat learns to love their cat scratching post and your furniture will be saved. Both you and your pet will be happier, especially you, when you see the amazing prices at Time for Paws!

The benefits of cat furniture and scratching posts

Feliway have written an excellent article asking the question; does my kitten need a scratching post?


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