Why Some People Give Up On Dogs

Why Some People Give Up On Dogs

Giving Up A Dog: Poor Excuses Dog Owners Make

When people can't cope with a dog often there is a very good reason. Situations change and things happen that you don't plan for. Some dogs need to be rehomed with owners that are more able to cope with their behaviour issues.

It's completely fine to give up your dog if you know it's in their best interests. For many owners that have to make this decision it can be heartbreaking. However, some rescue centres are reporting that some people are giving completely ridiculous excuses for giving up their dog. This is just not acceptable. Some people have a completely unrealistic expectation of how much work it takes to look after a dog. Before getting a dog people should always serious consider whether they have the time and money to take them on. Dogs are a huge responsibility and some can live up to around 20 years which is a very long commitment.

After receiving some extremely poor excuses from dog owners, the Dogs Trust embarked on a campaign to raise awareness just before Christmas. Christmas is a time when people get dogs as presents, sometimes on impulse, without really thinking of the consequences. Many dogs given as presents end up on the streets or at rescue centres by January and February. Therefore it's the perfect time to remind people how cruel some dog owners can be. They created twelve eye catching artworks for city centre walls across the UK.

We thought it would be of interest to know the 12 most pathetic excuses people gave as the reason for having to give up their dog. Here they are:

  • He kept chasing frogs
  • He looked different after we walked him in the rain
  • He was too loving and needed too much attention
  • I'm worried our toddler will copy him and poo in the garden
  • He's too playful - we haven't sat down since we got him
  • My dog is old and going to die soon
  • He was scared of the cat next door
  • He barks every morning
  • He wags his tail too much
  • She seems hungry all the time and follows me around the house
  • He kept coughing in the night and woke me up
  • All the puppy did was sleep. We wanted a dog we could play with
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