Why Dogs Roll In Fox Poo And How To Get Rid It

Why Dogs Roll In Fox Poo And How To Get Rid It

Many dog owners have come up against the awful smell of fox poo. We can't stand the smell, it's awful, it lingers and it's extremely difficult to get rid of. For some reason dogs seem to love it, and their most favourite thing to do is roll in it.

The main reason dogs do this is an evolutionary one. Dogs instincts have changed little from their wolf ancesters. It is said that wild dogs would cover themselves in strong-smelling substances like feces so they could sneak up on their prey. They would also cover their young in poo to hide them from predators. All quite interesting really.

If your dog has rolled in fox poo you have to try and do something to get rid of the smell, it's definitely not a smell you can live with. There are a few different methods that some people find help with getting rid of the smell. Here are a few tips.

Fox Poo Shampoo

You can get shampoos that are specifically designed to eliminate the smell of fox poo. They help to remove the stubborn odour of fox poo and leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. Try Animology Fox Poo Shampoo for example.

Odour Eliminator

Another method of getting rid of the smell of fox poo is to use an odour eliminator. Fox poo odour eliminator neutralises the smell, removes stains and has a strong antibacterial agent. All you have to do is spray it on and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Tomato Sauce

There is a rumour that apparently tomato sauce or ketchup is really good for getting rid of fox poo. It's another way of neutralising the odour.

A Good Wash

The only other option is to give your dog a thorough wash with a shampoo specifically designed for dirty dogs such as Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo. Shampoo your dog twice and give them a really good scrub to get rid of all the fox poo.

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