Why Do Cats Like To Hide A Lot

Why Do Cats Like To Hide A Lot

Even if you don't have a cat yourself, you have no doubt seen one hiding under a car or in a bush at some point. There are many reasons a cat may choose to make themselves scarce, but should we be worried about how often we find them tucked into a drawer or tightly wound in the corner? Here are some reasons why your feline may be choosing to cosy up away from everything.


It's a known fact that cats spend a lot of time sleeping; 16-20 hours a day, in fact - and due to being originally wild animals, it's important to find somewhere safe to do this. Surrounding themselves on all sides in a hard to reach place, helps regulate a cat's' body temperature as well as reassuring them that they will not be sneaked up on.

This being said, your cat might think it's napping in a safe place when they aren't. Places like washing machines or the underneath of a car might seem like a great, out of reach place to your cat, but can result in injury. Therefore, it's important, especially in the winter months, to check places like the underneath of your car (even if you don't have a cat) before driving off just in case somebody is napping under there!

'Quiet Time'

Sometimes, even if a cat doesn't want to sleep, they may need some down time away from any noise. Felines have much stronger senses than humans and are even able to hear higher pitched sounds than dogs.

Due to this, sometimes your cat may need to hide somewhere to have a break from all the noises and smells - especially if your house is particularly chaotic that day. It's important to provide your cat with an area they can retire to during these times.

You can buy cat products such as cat caves, which will give the cat somewhere dark and private. Similarly, though, a spare drawer can double up as a hiding spot, if put somewhere suitable.


Some cats have a naturally nervous disposition. If your cat is one of these then it is ever more important for you to make sure they have somewhere safe and quiet to call their own. Providing somewhere out of the way like this, means that your cat won't feel the need to flee when somebody unknown comes into the home and will leave you with a happier and less nervous cat. You can also help by buying calming products to help put them at ease when they are stressed.

Hiding is a perfectly normal part of a cat's nature. However, if you find your cat's routine has changed, for example they are hiding a lot more than usual, then it's important you address this issue.

It may be that something has changed in the home - such as it being a more hectic time of year - but it could also be an indicator of high stress levels or another medical issue. The best thing to do in this case is to take your cat to the vet as they will be able to reassure your cat is healthy, as well as give advice on how to help your cat feel less stressed.

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