Where Should Your Dog Sleep

Where Should Your Dog Sleep

A subject of great debate in the doggy world, where should dogs sleep? Some of us humans can't doze off without our pooches tucked up in bed with us, whereas others shudder at the thought of all those doggy germs in their bed. Many people were surprised when the results of a recent survey of 23, 000 dog owners revealed that nearly half of them allowed their dogs on their beds.

The majority of owners probably encourage their dog to sleep in their own cosy bed, but there's no right way to do things. Where you dog should sleep depends entirely on your personal situation and views, and how your dog responds to sleeping in certain places.

There might be times in Fido's life where you need to change their sleeping place. Whether it's due to a house move, due to separation anxiety issues or your pooch needing to be closer to you for some reason, dogs can occasionally move about.

However, if you can, wherever you choose for your pup to sleep, try your best to keep things consistent. Dogs thrive on a set routine, which includes their nighttime regime, and knowing where they need to go to put rest their tired paws each night helps reassure them.

The doggy world brings up many debates, and people always tend to have strong opinions one way or the other. There's lots of theories as to what is best and what's not. Where dogs sleep at night is a particularly hot topic. Here's the arguments both for and against sleeping with your dog.

The argument for dogs sleeping in owner's beds

People who let their dogs sleep in their bed feel that it has many benefits. For some, they simply feel more secure and at ease with their pooch next to them. Having a dog around at night time makes you feel safer, especially if you live on your own. Being able to cuddle and stroke them is also very relaxing, and they can help us to de-stress. It can also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

The argument against dogs sleeping in owner's beds

Other dog owners feel that letting your dog sleep in your bed gives them a sense of self importance, and can cause behavioural issues. They claim that dogs who sleep in beds with their owners may challenge the pack hierarchy. There doesn't seem to be any research as to whether this is true or not. Another big reason why many people disapprove is due to hygiene reasons. They don't like the idea of a dirty dog spreading its germs around the area where we are supposed to sleep. Chief Veterinary Officer Fred Landeg, warned that dogs can transmit diseases to humans if allowed in such close proximity, although this could be a tad dramatic.

My dogs aren't allowed on the furniture and they're certainly not allowed on the beds. Why? They're big and heavy, but also I've seen where they put their noses and their feet. Jan Etherington, The Telegraph

Also, if you are a light sleeper, you may not want to sleep with your dog. Dogs can be restless on occasions and make noises in the night, so they could end up keeping you up!

If you are new to dog ownership, and aren't sure what to do, here are some of the options to choose from.

In your bed

If you want to spoil your much, and have more time to cuddle with them, then you might want to allow them in your bed. Do keep in mind that once you allow them to do this, it may be tough to move them if you decide you don't want them in the bed. Some dogs are happy to just curl up at the end of the bed, and others like a proper snuggle! One dog owner even extended their bed and added stairs in order to fit all their rescue dogs on.

In their dog beds in a different room

Another option is for your dog to sleep in another room, in a nice comfy bed of their own. Some dogs like the security of sleeping in their own bed, and are happy to get some peace and quiet in a room of their own.

In their bed in your bedroom

If your dog is happy in their bed but wants to be near you, then can simply place their bed in your bedroom. Then you have the benefit of being together, but having some space.

In a crate

Some dogs prefer to sleep in their crate, because they feel safe in it. The benefit of having your dog in a crate is that when you go and stay places your dog will most likely be relaxed in their crate, and can easily be moved about.

Wherever they lay their head

A select few dogs will just doze off wherever they happen to collapse. They may even reject a ridiculously comfy bed in favour of the floor, which is hard to understand. Some dogs are simply most happiest in the spot that they choose to sleep for the night.

It is important that you choose the place for your dog to sleep, but you need to train him to go to this area at will. Lead him with a treat to connect a positive reward with his sleeping area. cesarsway

Different types of beds

If you do prefer your dog to sleep in a bed then we've got some good news, there's plenty of different types of bed to choose from. You can buy memory foam beds, plastic beds, oval shaped beds, donut beds, teepee beds, waterproof beds and even duvets and special dog sized beds for your pooch. You may need to try out a couple of beds to see which one your dog finds most comfortable. Just like humans, some dogs prefer a really soft squishy bed, and other prefer harder beds!

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