What Kind Of Dog Lover Are You

What Kind Of Dog Lover Are You

Are you a dog lover? Many of us are, our furry friends have been by our side, giving us companionship and so much love for hundreds of centuries. But what kind of dog lover are you? Are you dog obsessed or a dog advocate? Maybe you are a glamorous dog mum or a proud dog owner? Your life may even revolve around dogs if you are a working dog owner! Read on to find out which type of dog lover you are. . .

The Dog Obsessed

You live and breathe for every single breed; you believe there is no such thing as a mean or ugly dog. You will spend your days getting broody over cute dog videos and try to figure out if you can adopt that dog on Facebook who needs a home, for the 100th time. You can never go out in public without pointing out every dog and wondering if you should go and pet it. Your future inevitably will land you on a farm or smallholding where you have adopted every dog known to need a home.

The Dog Advocate

You love all animals but especially dogs because you know how much they need human companionship. You can't help but question the welfare of every dog you see and want to make sure that all dogs on this planet are in safe hands. You're always getting involved in groups and activities to raise awareness of dog abuse across the globe and you like to spend your weekend volunteering down at the shelter. You are aware you can't home all the dogs yourself, but you will spend the rest of your life finding forever homes for all the dogs you can't fit into your family of furry friends.

The Glam Dog Mum

Your dogs are your babies, all your energy and money go into ensuring that your babies have the most comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. You don't skimp for your dogs, but you'll happily live the bargain life for your own needs, everything from the food to the clothes are of utmost quality for your little angels. Your babies travel everywhere with you and you believe that you have the most beautiful dogs to exist, so you're happy to show them off. Your future you know will be full of dog prams and diamante collars.

The Proud Dog Owner

Your life is dedicated to grooming and training your dog to be the most talented and goodest of all dogs. You are always in the field working hard to bond with your dog who is your best friend and updating your Instagram with boomerangs and photos with captions on how your dog is the next star. Each year you enter your dog into all the competitions and work towards your future where you and your little star will be inundated in 1st place ribbons, do you have the next Toto?

The Working Dog Owner

You and your dog are partners in crime, you work hard together and make the world a better place with your teamwork. You drive a big car and sport the comfy clothes look. You are a walking fur magnet and both your room and car seem to be covered in mud and slobber. You drink far too much coffee, but you love your job and your best friend. You know that your future will always be in working with dogs, you can't imagine anything different and you really don't want to - the fur never bothered you anyway.

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