Welsh-Terrier Dog Breed Guide

Welsh-Terrier Dog Breed Guide

Welsh Terriers are supposed to be one of the oldest types of purebred terriers. These dogs were originally bred in Wales to hunt. They were excellent at hunting because of their courageous nature, often taking on potentially dangerous prey such as otters, badgers and foxes. They worked in the vast hills and valleys of Wales, happy to venture into caves after their prey. Welsh Terriers have a strong working background but are generally less feisty than some other terriers. They are smart looking dogs with a very focused expression, they are very agile and because of their working roots they will chase anything that moves. Although Welsh Terriers are now used mainly as pets, they have still kept some of their working instincts such as digging and hunting.



Breed type:



39 centimetres


20 to 21 pounds


Welsh Terriers are very active, fun loving, boisterous and intelligent dogs. They also have a tendency to be quite inquisitive and nosey, require a great deal of mental stimulation. They enjoy playing with toys and also other dogs and are ideal for an active family. They like being part of a family and tend to be very loyal dogs that are good with children. They are tough little dogs who can take care of themselves but are rarely aggressive. They can be strong willed and stubborn at times and therefore require very consistent obedience training. They also need to be given enough exercise to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive.


Black and tan in colour and have an impressive workmanlike appearance. They have a rough wiry coat and are quite compact little dogs with a short back and deep ribs. Male Welsh Terriers are slightly bigger than females.


Welsh Terriers need to be be brushed regularly to prevent their coat from matting. You can either get their coat clipped or handstripped. Most owners choose to have their Welsh Terrier hand stripped as this is better for their coat. This is where dead hair is pulled out by hand. If done correctly it is not painful for the dog at all, if you don't know how to do it you should get it professionally done by a dog groomer.

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