Ways To Teach Your Dog Some Manners

Ways To Teach Your Dog Some Manners

Sometimes our dogs really test our patience. It's like they know we're having a frustrating day, so they do their best to challenge us. It's OK for Fido to play up every now and then, but if your dog is far too cheeky most of the time, you should probably teach them a few manners. Dogs need to learn manners around their canine pals, in the home, when out and about and when spending time with us humans. Here are 7 ways to teach super naughty dogs some manners.

  1. Waiting patiently for walkies

Does your dog go absolutely nuts the second you reach for their lead? Or perhaps they follow you around all morning, pestering you to take them out. Try to teach Fido that walkies will only happen if they are calm. Don't put their lead on or take them out until they have calmed down and are behaving nicely.

  1. Greeting people nicely

Even super friendly dogs can have really bad manners when it comes to saying hello to humans. They get so excited that they jump up all over every person they meet, which for some people can be a little overbearing. Teach your pooch that they don't get attention from anyone until they do a sit and keep all four paws firmly on the floor. If they do jump up, turn your back to them and ignore them, and ask everyone they meet to do the same.

  1. Preventing begging for food

Begging for food is a very undesirable behaviour. It's annoying mainly because it's distracting and no one wants Fido drooling all over their dinner. Encourage your dogs to keep their distance at meal times. Tell them to lie down away from you, and whatever you do, don't encourage them to beg for food by feeding them from your plate! Always give them food in their bowl.

  1. Dinner manners

When your dog gets their breakfast (maybe lunch) and dinner, they need to be on their best behaviour. Don't just throw their food into their bowl and let them chow down, make them work for it! Or a simple sit and wait for a few seconds will suffice. Your pooch needs to learn they can start eating their dinner when you say. If you've got a gobbler who wolfs their food down, give them a bit of food at a time.

  1. Earning treats and rewards

Well training pooches are taught that nothing in life comes for free. Like treats for example. Don't give your dog treats left right and centre, without them having to do anything to earn them. Before giving Fido a drool-worthy snack, make them do a trick or a few obedience commands like sit and paw first.

  1. Don't let your dog rule the roost

Be sure to set boundaries. If your dog rules the roost, don't be proud of it! That's a sign of bad behaviour that you need to try and nip in the bud. Don't let your pooch (no matter how much you love them or how cute they are) jump on furniture whenever they like, counter surf, destroy your bed or generally go where they shouldn't. Dogs that learn clear boundaries tend to be better behaved and have better manners.

  1. Teach them to drop and give

If you want your pooch to give you things back on command, then teach them to drop and give. Drop means literally dropping something out of the mouth onto the floor, and give means letting you take something out their mouth. Do take care though, if there's any chance your dog may be aggressive seek advice from an animal behaviourist. If you can teach these commands, it means they won't just pick up random objects like socks or shoes, and decide to claim them as their own.

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