Unsociable Cats What To Do

Unsociable Cats What To Do

Cats are often viewed as aloof loners who don't get on with other felines. But many cats do live happily with each other and can even relish the company. If you have a Multi-cat household then you could be lucky enough to experience such harmony, but what can you do if your cats don't seem to get on?

New Arrivals

If you have recently introduced a new cat to your household then your other cat or cats may initially be a little frosty! They may even act aggressively towards the new arrival. This antipathy may well ease as the cats become used to one another and settle into a routine. If things don't improve without your intervention then there are things that you can do to encourage your cats to be more accepting of each other.

Keep Things Positive

If your cats are feeling less than charitable towards each other then you need to help them to view the situation in a more positive light. You can teach them to associate each other's presence with good experiences like treats and new toys. Reward your cats for socialising and spend time with them whilst encouraging them to play.

Gently, Gently

When your cats are feeling stressed, anxious or aggressive, trying to force them to socialise will only serve to make things worse. Limit the time that spend together initially and then introduce interaction gradually. The cats are more likely to be relaxed and receptive following their meals so this is a good time for them to share a room when their time together is being rationed. If they are tired out by some activity before they encounter each other then all the better as they should then be less aggressive. You can encourage your cats to groom each other by rubbing something tasty on their heads! If you do this then stick around to ensure that things pan out peacefully.

Personal Space

You should always ensure that the cats have an escape route if they wish to leave the room. Larger rooms are the best places to initiate interaction so that the cats can retreat from each other and enjoy some persona space when they want to. Forcing them into close proximity will never have the desired effect.

Calming Measures

If your problems persist then you could try using calming diffusers and sprays or giving your cats calming tablets. Excessive anxiety can be treated with medication in the short term. See your vet if all other measures have failed. Your cats may never learn to be the best of friends but they should eventually be able to coexist peacefully. As time passes even the most anxious or aggressive cats will begin to relax as their new companion's presence becomes the norm. If you take care to devote an equal amount of your time to each cat and to show them all affection they should all settle down into a life together.

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