Top Funny Dog Videos

Top Funny Dog Videos

There are lots of dog lovers who spend far too much time enjoying funny dog videos. There are so many entertaining videos to choose from that you can watch for hours on end. To save you the time of finding the very best dog videos we have searched for our favourites. Here are 10 funny dog videos that all dog owners should see. Which one is your favourite?

1. Ultimate Dog Tease - Talking Dog

This is perhaps the most well known dog video. It is so hilarious and adorable that millions of people have watched it. It's one of those videos that you watch over and over again and can't help telling all your friends about. In the video the dog appears to be having a conversation with its owner, and when the owner says its food has been taken the dog gets very upset. This is a very clever and well timed creation.

2. Dogs Welcoming Their Owner's Home From Deployment

OK so maybe this one isn't funny but it will certainly make you feel happy and tug at your heartstrings. We can all relate to our dog's reaction when we return home. Watch these ecstatic dogs welcoming their owner's home from deployment.

3. Skateboarding Dog

This is an amazing video of a dog that has appeared to learn how to skateboard. The dog happily skates around showing off his awesome skateboarding skills. The video is made even funnier by the fact that the dog is a bulldog.

4. Funny Dog - Prison Break

Many dogs are pretty skilled escape artists, some breeds have a reputation for it. However, it's not that often that a sneaky escape gets caught on camera. This dog manages to climb up the inside of a cage, watch right to the end where it lifts the roof up and pops its head out.

5. Dalmatian Riding A Bike

Think a dog can't possibly ride a bike? Think again. This smart dalmatian has mastered the art of riding a bike, something that some humans can't even manage. Watch as the dalmatian casually wanders round on a bike.

6. Guilty Dogs

Does your dog have a 'guilty' face? Lots of owners have come home to a dog that appears to be behaving in a guilty manner. Whether or not the dogs actually experience the emotion of guilt is questionable. It is more likely that they are just afraid of being punished. However, these guilty dogs certainly seem to know they have done something wrong. Watch as owner's return home and observe their dogs reaction.

7. Dog Teased With Cupcakes -

We don't blame this poor dog for wanting to eat some tasty cup cakes. Not many humans can resist the temptation of a delicious cupcake, but this dog is being trained to ignore them. It is clearly a tough experience for the dog and it makes a very funny face.

8. Bizkit The Sleepwalking Dog

Have you ever seen your dog dreaming? They will normally twitch about and look like they are walking. This owner captured their dog in the middle of a very exciting dream where the dog appears to be running. Watch the poor dog jump up and run into the wall, eventually waking up from an intense dream.

9. Dog Enjoys Doggy Film

This is an adorable video of a dog that seems to be enjoying a canine friendly movie. The dog sits on the sofa watching the film about dogs and is clearly engrossed in the storyline.

10. Husky Saying I Love You

This stunning Husky is mimicking its owner and making noises that sound like 'I love you''. Huskies are known to howl and be quite vocal but this one is quite the vocal expert. If you love Mishka the husky then there are a few different videos showing her 'talking''.

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