The Bravery Of Dogs

The Bravery Of Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend but a video which recently went viral has proved that they can also be extremely loyal to each other. The incredible footage, shot in Ukraine, captures the unbelievable efforts made by an adorable dog to save the life of his best mate.

Two Days of Torment

Poor Lucy was lying injured on railway tracks and was unable to move out of danger but she had her best friend Panda for company and he went to the most extraordinary lengths to ensure that she survived her terrifying ordeal. The dogs had been on the railway tracks for two days but when local people came too close to them, Panda would bark to scare them away. He obviously didn't want to take his chances with mere humans!

Brave and Clever

The dogs were eventually found by Denis Malafeyvev who filmed the heroic actions of Panda. Every time a train approached he would lay next to his injured friend and push her head town as the train passed over them. Panda kept Lucy warm and safe during her ordeal. Mr Malafeyev had been alerted to the dogs' plight by a friend and went down to the railway line to attempt a rescue. He felt sick when he heard a train coming and was then stunned by Panda's loyalty, bravery and intelligence.

Safe and Sound

The two dogs were ultimately rescued and continued to snuggle up to each other as they were driven away from the scene. Fortunately, Lucy had not suffered any broken bones but it is not known how she was injured in the first place. She was able to make a full recovery after her rescue. The dogs' owners were eventually traced and were reunited with their amazing animals.

Nobody knows whether it was love, loyalty or instinct which caused Panda to act the way he did. Denis Malafeyev said "I know one thing: not all humans would do this! We should take a lesson from this!" here, here!

Do you know a dog who has shown incredible bravery or loyalty? If so we would like to hear about them. Special dogs deserve to be celebrated!

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