The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs

The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs

If you haven't heard about the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs then you might want to take your dog for a session and find out for yourself. It is such a wonderful form of exercise for dogs and has lots of benefits that you might not be aware of. Many dog owners swear by hydrotherapy and have seen firsthand how much it can help some dogs. Here are some of the main benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs.

Helps With Weight Loss

Canine obesity is a big problem at the moment and one of the ways that it can be tackled is with regular hydrotherapy sessions. It can really help your dog drop weight quickly in combination with a healthy diet.

Low Impact Exercise

Unlike running, swimming has very little impact on dog's joints. Dogs can swim gently through the water, gradually improving their flexibility and fitness.

Injury Rehabilitation

One of the main benefits of hydrotherapy is that it can help with injury rehabilitation. For many dogs this is best form of treatment and a few hydrotherapy sessions can get them back on the road to recovery following an injury.

Helps With Medical Conditions

Hydrotherapy can help tackle and ease the pain of certain illnesses such as arthritis, skin conditions, hip dysplasia and lameness.

A Good Workout

Hydrotherapy is probably one of the top workouts your dog can do. It get's them to use their entire body and really does tire them out. A few minutes of swimming can give your dog a really good workout.

Improves Muscle Strength, Circulation & Joint MobilityIf your dog has weak muscles and needs to build up their muscle strength then hydrotherapy can help. It also promotes good circulation and aids joint mobility.

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