Suitable Dog Breeds For Sporty People

Suitable Dog Breeds For Sporty People

Suitable Dog Breeds For Sporty People

Are you looking for a sporty dog to fit in with your active lifestyle? There are lots of different breeds that make fantastic training partners and thrive on large amounts of exercise. Choosing the perfect dog can be difficult, especially if you don't know much about some of the more active breeds. Which one is best for you really does depend on what you want your canine companion to do. There are some dogs that are perfect for running, swimming and hiking and some that simply love to be active all day long. Here are some of the most sporty breeds to choose from.


Collies are extremely intelligent dogs that need a great deal of mental stimulation as well as hours of exercise. They were bred to herd which makes them very active dogs with an interest in fun and games. Collies can become very bored and distracted if they do not get enough exercise and are best suited to active owners. They love agility and flyball and make great companions for long walks.


The stunning Weimaraner is a gun dog that was bred to bring down large game. They are very strong, fast dogs with a keen sense of smell. Weimaraners are good running partners and need at least two hours of exercise a day. They are agile dogs and have good stamina.


Siberian Husky's are very athletic dogs that can literally run for hours on end. They are very difficult to tire out because they were bred to carry sleds for miles. Huskies have a strong prey instinct and love to chase things. They can be quite difficult to train off the lead as they have a tendency to wander. If you like hiking or going on lots of runs then a husky would be a great dog for you.


Pointers are similar to the weimaraner in that they need a few hours of exercise each day and are very active dogs. They were bred to run in front of horses for very long distances and have impressive endurance. Pointers can take part in lots of different activities and are also loving companions.


Labradors are great all round dogs that excel in a wide range of different sports. They are first class retrievers and most labradors are good at swimming. Labradors are very easy to train, this is partially why they are often used as working guide dogs. They adore their owners and thoroughly enjoy being active.


You will often see runners with dalmatians because this is a dog that loves to run. In the film '101 Dalmatians' they can be seen running alongside their owner's bikes. Dalmatians used to be used as carriage dogs which has made them strong and able to travel long distances. Dalmatians need a lot of exercise and love the countryside where they can be active and explore.


Dobermans might not have the endurance as some other dogs, but they are generally very sporty dogs. Their appearance is athletic and impressive. Dobermans are commonly used as guard dogs and are good for protection. If you are going out for walks or runs on your own then you will feel much safer with a Doberman by your side.

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