Strange Places Cats Like To Sleep

Strange Places Cats Like To Sleep

All cat owners know how much cats love a good nap. Some pretty much spend all of their day snoozing around the home.

Cats seem to be able to get themselves into all sorts of weird positions, which means they can sleep practically anywhere. have snapped hilarious pictures of their cats sleeping in very strange places.

Why they do this when they have a perfectly cost bed we have no idea! Perhaps some of these places make them feel safe or have a particular smell or texture that they like. Here are 15 strange places that cats have been spotted sleeping.

  • In shoes
  • On top of dogs
  • In the gutter
  • On top of a pile of books
  • In the bathroom sink
  • In cardboard boxes
  • On top of their scratching post
  • Rucksacks
  • In rubbish bins
  • On Pianos
  • In plant pots
  • On top of keyboards
  • On bookshelves
  • In food bowls
  • On top of doors
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