Smallest Dog Breed In The World

Smallest Dog Breed In The World

Many small dogs have been bred to be wonderful pets, some breeds being very well suited to the role of a lap dog. Small dogs may not have the size to compete with bigger dogs but they usually have the attitude. Lots of small dogs tend to think they are bigger than they really are and challenge dogs that are much bigger than them. In general small dogs like are happy to be companions dogs who enjoy lots of love and attention.

Don't make the mistake of assume that most small dogs don't need a lot of exercise, because in most cases they do. Small dogs still need a fair amount of exercise to get rid of some of their energy and keep them from being destructive. Some small dogs are surprisingly tiny, the smallest dog in the world at the moment is Milly the Chihuahua at 3. 8 inches high.

Toy Poodle

There are actually three sizes of Poodle according to the Kennel Club website, toy, miniature and standard. Toy Poodles are the smallest size of poodle, perfect for those looking for a small dog. Poodles do not shed which makes them a very clean dog, although they do require regular grooming. Poodles were originally bred as water retrievers but today they make wonderful pets.


The Chihuahua is probably one of the most bold little dogs you will come across. They are very feisty and brave and have lots of heart. They make excellent lapdogs and many people are drawn to their super cute appearance. You can get a smooth coated or long coated Chihuahua depending on the coat your prefer, although longer coated Chihuahuas require much more grooming.


Pomeranians are nice natured small dogs with a very sweet temperament. They have a look that is very appealing to small dog lovers, they look like a little ball of fluff. However, their coat does require a fair amount of grooming. Pomeranians are quite active and need at least 30 minutes of good exercise a day.


Yorkie's are one of the more popular small dog breeds. Yorkies are supposed to have long coats but many pet owners find it easier to have their coat cut short. Either way, Yorkie's are very striking dogs with strong personalities. They are very head strong and have strong hunting instincts because of their terrier roots.


How can you resist the charming nature of a pug? These little dogs have tons of character and are very playful little dogs. Pugs used to be popular pets for royals, but now they are mainly used as loyal companion dogs. Pugs have a lovely nature, they are sociable dogs that make wonderful family pets, although they can be a little mischievous.


Dachshunds have a very distinctive appearance, they are very short dogs and their bodies are low to the ground. You can get three different types of Dachshund, long haired, wire coated and smooth coated. Dachshunds aren't the easiest small dog to train and they do go after scents occasionally, but they are nice natured and lovely family pets.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has become very popular in recent years. They are short and compact with pointy ears, a short muzzle and distinctive markings. They are quite intelligent and fairly easy to train but can sometimes be a little stubborn.


Papillons are very cute little dogs who enjoy being around people. They are outgoing, smart and proud little dogs which makes them very appealing to a lot of dog owners. Their coat should be kept long, which means it requires daily brushing to prevent tangles.

Chinese Crested

You can get Chinese Crested dogs in two very different variations. They look like completely different dogs, one is hairless and the other has a full coat. They come in lots of different colours. Chinese crested dogs are very clean and tend to be quite affectionate.

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