Siberian-Husky Dog Breed Guide

Siberian-Husky Dog Breed Guide

Friendly and simply stunning, the Siberian Husky is a majestic creature but makes for a demanding pet. This breed moults profusely, Can be destructive and requires a huge amount of exercise. Huskies are increasingly being abandoned or signed over to charities as they require a level of care which many owners find they cannot provide.

Which breed group is the Huskey in?

Breed group: Working

Husky breed history

The Siberian husky is one of the oldest breeds in the world and is thought to have originated in East Siberia at least 3, 000 years ago. Puppies were bred to become long-distance sled-hauling dogs by the nomadic Chukchi people who also welcomed the animals into their families. The dogs arrived in Alaska in the early 20th century and continue to work as sled dogs and racing sled dogs in North America.

Husky breed characteristics

A beautiful dog with wolf-like looks, the Siberian Huskey is an attention-grabber. Boasting stunning almond-shaped eyes, this breed is highly expressive and usually possesses a friendly demeanour. Triangular ears are thick and covered in fur while this dog’s lips are highly pigmented. Huskies have strong bodies with powerful hind quarters and oval feet which are partially webbed. They possess dense double coats in a variety of colours with the undercoat being thicker and softer than the outer coat.

  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Height: up to 61cm
  • Weight: up to 30kg
  • Powerful and muscular
  • Almond-shaped brown or blue
  • Triangular ears
  • Fox-like tail
  • Dense double coat
  • Colour varies
  • Intelligent
  • Powerful
  • Friendly
  • High prey drive
  • Need company
  • Can be destructive
  • Prone to howling
  • Moult profusely

Health issues with Huskies

As with most breeds, the Siberian Huskey is prone to certain hereditary conditions. The most frequently seen are as follows:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Glaucoma
  • Hereditary cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia

What is the Huskey bred for?

The Siberian Huskey is a working dog which was originally bred for pulling sleds. The dogs are bred in northern countries for sled racing and pulling sleds used for transportation in remote regions.

What sort of owners does the Huskey suit?

Being extremely friendly and good with children, the Husky can be a fabulous pet. These dogs love company and are very playful. They do not fare well when constantly left alone and are poor watchdogs because they like everyone! Huskies are comparatively laid back and adaptable. They will get on with other dogs if socialised at an early age and they don’t have a doggy smell. However, they cannot be trusted around smaller pets and livestock due to their strong prey drive and are not particularly obedient. As such, they may not be a good choice for inexperienced owners.

The Siberian husky is best suited to very active owners as they require a huge amount of exercise and this should always be on the lead. They are likely to become destructive if left alone and may trash the garden when shut outside. Huskies don’t tend to bark but have a tendency to howl which can be annoying for neighbours and they moult heavily throughout the year. In short, huskies are hard work and time-consuming.

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