Siamese Cat Breed Guide

Siamese Cat Breed Guide

Siamese cats are one of the best well know cats in the world, especially in Asia because of their oriental background. They originated from Thailand which used to be called Siam.

They are very popular as pets and it's easy to see why, although they are not right for everyone. Read on to see if a Siamese cat would suit your family and lifestyle. Siamese cats are known for their long, elongated body which became popular in the show ring in the 1950's and 1960's.

Their roots go as far back as the 14th century when these cats were seen as sacred and were owned by members of the Siam royal family. They have a triangular shaped head with pointed ears, creating a very distinctive look that makes them easily recognisable. They are very striking cats that a lot of people find appealing. Siamese cats are particularly elegant and impressive in their appearance.

They have mesmerising deep blue, almond shaped eyes that never fail to catch people's attention. Their colouring is also very unique. They have a cream coloured body with a darker face, ears and paws.

This is the most common colour mix but Siamese cats also come in brown, grey, lynx and tortoiseshell. Siamese cats are very affectionate and love being around people. However, this does mean that they don't particularly appreciate being on their own as they prefer company.

Don't get one if you are going to be out all day as they can become bored, stressed and destructive. One of the reasons why people enjoy having a Siamese cat around is because they are so devoted and attentive.

They love attention from humans which makes them fairly demanding cats. They will always want to snuggle up on your lap and are extremely loyal cats. Siamese cats probably aren't the right choice for you if you prefer aloof, independent cats that are more self sufficient.

If you are thinking of getting a siamese kitten bear in mind that they are very vocal cats, often using sound to communicate exactly what they want. You might start to wish your Siamese has a mute button. They are also very intelligent and pick up things very quickly.

They are also very playful in character as well as being inquisitive and curious. They have a single coat which is quite short which makes them fairly low maintenance. They keep themselves very clean and do not require much grooming.

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