Sausage Cat The Rise

Sausage Cat The Rise

There's a worrying new trend for breeding cats with short legs. The cats have a defective gene which can mean that their legs are as short as 3 inches. It won't surprise you to hear that the popularity of these felines is being driven by celebrities who post pictures of their pets on social media.

Little Munchkins

The so called "munchkin" cats can cost up to £900 but should people be breeding these animals? The cats cannot run or jump properly so they may look cute and quirky but their quality of life could be seriously impacted. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, the principle body for registering cats in Britain, has refused to recognise the breed. However, the International Cat Association, which sanctions many cat shows, granted the munchkin "new breed" status in 1995 and championship status in 2003.

Defective Genes

Some cats are born naturally with a defective gene which causes their legs to be short. It is a type of dwarfism similar to conditions seen in humans. But now some people are deliberately breeding cats with the mutation because the cats are considered to look so cute. But the disorder means that the cats can suffer from a variety of health issues. These are mainly the result of bone deformities.

Painful Malformations

These little kitties are prone to osteoarthritis. They can also exhibit spinal malformations and rib abnormalities. One of these is a condition called lordosis which causes spinal muscles to grow too short and this results in the spine arching inwards.

The cats can't jump very well and this may not simply be because their short limbs are restricting their movement. But it could also be the case that the cats are unwilling to jump because they are in pain.

Paris Hilton's Cats

Paris Hilton has two of these cats which she has called Shorty and Munchkin. She has posted videos of the animals accompanied by comments about how cute and adorable they are. But most cat lovers would be disturbed by these poor animals which could be facing a life of pain.

It is not known just how many of these cats there are or how many people are breeding them. But a quick search online reveals that it is easy to find a sausage cat for sale. They are expensive to buy and owners may well face years of costly vet's bills as the various conditions which afflict these felines begin to manifest themselves.

Would you buy a sausage cat or would you rather offer a second chance to one of the many perfectly gorgeous moggies which are waiting to find a forever home?

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