Russian Blue Cat Breed Guide

Russian Blue Cat Breed Guide

With their refined appearance and affectionate natures, Russian blues are truly beguiling. Initially reserved but enjoying human company, they are intelligent felines which are amazing family pets. Good with children and boasting long lifespans, these gorgeous cats are easy to love.

Russian blue breed history

Strikingly beautiful, these wonderful cats originated in the Russian port of Arkhangelsk. Sailors took the cats with then on their voyages and they arrived in Britain around 1860. Similar cats can still be seen in Russia where they are thought to bring their owners good luck.

The breed was developed in the UK and Europe but by the end of World War II numbers had dwindled considerably. Breeders were forced to cross blues with Siamese cats to preserve the breed. The Siamese traits were later bred out. Also known as the archangel blue, this breed is now well-established and incredibly popular across the world.

Russian blue breed characteristics

This elegant breed is distinguished by its dense double coat which feels luxurious and boasts an attractive sheen. Russian blues are incredibly graceful and of medium size. They possess muscular, athletic bodies with long legs and refined heads.

They appear to be smiling and their stunning emerald green eyes set them apart. Large, flared ears contribute to the cats' exotic appearances. Their tails are moderately long and so Russian blues present a nicely balanced appearance.

Russian blues tend to be gentle and affectionate cats with tolerant natures. As with many cats they are creatures of habit which don't appreciate change and they adapt well to living indoors.

They can be somewhat reserved which can gives the impression that they are aloof. But they enjoy human company and love to be stroked.

  • Lifespan: 10-20 years
  • Weight: up to 6. 8kg
  • Athletic
  • Dense coat
  • Elegant appearance
  • Large, flared ears
  • Emerald green eyes
  • Reserved
  • Relish human company
  • Gentle
  • Good for owners with allergies
  • Reasonably vocal

Health issues with the Russian blue

This breed tends to enjoy a lengthy lifespan and is not prone to any inherited conditions.

What sort of owners does the Russian blue suit?

Gentle and so great with children, Russian blues are excellent family pets. They can adapt to living only indoors but do require constant stimulation. As such, they are best suited to households where someone is at home all day or where there are other pets.

These cats like to play and really enjoy interacting with their owners. They are excellent choices for those with allergies and do not require regular grooming. It is important to note that Russian blues don't cope well with change and so are happiest with families who have regular routines and who are unlikely to move house very often.

Potential owners who would relish a cat that interacts with them will enjoy life with Russian blues. These charming cats will seek out their humans, sit with them and often beg for a little playtime.

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