Romanian Dog Breeds

Romanian Dog Breeds

When buying a dog, it’s important that you take the time to find the right one. Different breeds have different traits and needs. Some require more grooming than others. Some breeds shed a lot of hair, others less than a human. Some breeds of dog require lots of exercise and have playful temperaments, and others are more somber, some are even lazy. There are certain breeds of dog that need lots of attention, and others that cope better with being left alone.

Romanian dog breeds are typically larger animals. Traditionally Romanian dogs were bred to be working dogs, as the country has a strong agricultural history, with plenty of different terrains, and various climate conditions.

Dogs from Romania were bred to work outdoors, on mountains and in farms. This means that Romanian dog breeds are large, sturdy and robust. They are enduring and willing to work hard. Dogs like these can make excellent guard dogs and loyal friends. The four main Romanian dogs are

Bucovina shepherd dog. An excellent guard dog with plenty of energy. Very affectionate with their master, but not good with strangers.

Corb shepherd

A less energetic dog, who can be reasonably friendly with other dogs

Carpathian Shepherd

A very intelligent and loving dog. Suspicious of strangers but very obedient.


An excellent guard dog, very good with children. Requires more grooming than other Romanian dogs

All of these dogs are exceptionally loyal to their masters. While being devoted, they are also calm and courageous. They are used to facing enemies such as wolves while working and show no fear.

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