Renting A Property When You Have Dog

Renting A Property When You Have Dog

So, we're not going to lie, the straight answer is that it is hard to rent when you've got a dog. We wish it were easier, but unfortunately there are quite a few hurdles. So, those of you who rent, if you are thinking of getting a dog, think very carefully about how this might change your options. Firstly, you will need to get permission from your current landlord to have a dog.

The last thing you want to do is get a rescue dog or a puppy only to find out you either have to move out or get rid of your adorable new pooch because your landlord doesn't allow pets. Bad times.

You might be wondering why finding a rental property when you own a dog is so hard? Well, it's mainly because a lot of estate agents and landlords point blank refuse dogs. In many cases it may be because of the type of building/development the rented accommodation is in. Some buildings have general no pets' rules, so even if the estate agent was open to the idea, it wouldn't be possible.

There's a bit of a preconception that allowing tenants with dogs will lead to all sorts of problems. Landlords picture the worst-case scenario - their property destroyed by naughty canines. Carpets ripped up, walls scratched, toilet 'accidents''. Whilst this occasionally happens, it is very rare.

Often, it's down to the owner not training their dog properly, or simply because a dog has behavioural issues. If you are thinking of renting with a pooch, you will need to make sure your dog is very well trained, non-destructive and not very vocal. Landlords also worry about other tenants (a. k. a your neighbours) complaining about a dog barking or just generally causing problems, and they don't want to deal with the hassle.

There isn't really much support for responsible dog owners who want to rent a property, and it's very frustrating. You will come up against all sorts of challenges whilst looking for the right home.

Do keep in mind that your choice of properties will be massively narrowed down simply because you've got a dog. It can be very disheartening calling up 20 different estate agents and get a 'no dogs policy' from every single one. And some estate agents can be quite abrupt as soon as you mention you have a dog.

You also might end up having to pay more in rent in order to get the type of place you want. Plus, you need to find a property that is well suited to a dog, so it will need a big enough enclosed garden for your pooch to stretch their paws.

But before you give up totally, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances. It is possible to find somewhere; you just might need a bit more time and patience to find it. Here are our top tips for improving your chances of being able to rent with a dog

1. Get a reference from your previous landlord. If you have previously lived somewhere with your dog get your landlord or estate agent to write you a positive reference, stating that your dog didn't cause any issues.

2. Write a sort of doggy CV type thing. It can simply be one page about your dog, their breed, age, behavioural traits and basic details. You can include positive references and comments from dog sitters, dog walkers and previous landlords.

3. You may need to offer to pay a higher deposit in order to secure some properties, which is unfair but occasionally necessary.

4. Try and also communicate to estate agents and landlords how responsible you are. Mention if you've got experience working or training dogs as this can help. If you can put them at ease that you are a desirable tenant, they just might overlook the fact that you own a pooch.

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