Rabbits With Silky Fur

Rabbits With Silky Fur

After dogs and cats, rabbits are the most popular pet in the UK, and it's easy to see why. With their twitchy noses and cute little ears, it's hard to say no to a rabbit. One of the most irresistible things about rabbits is their silky soft fur, but some bunnies are even fluffier than others. Here's eight rabbit breeds with fur so soft, you won't be able to stop snuggling!


The hair follicle of a normal 'furred' rabbit contains roughly 14 hairs, whereas a Rex rabbit has an impressive 50 hairs per follicle! The density makes its fur extraordinarily plush to touch and the breed is often described as being coated in velvet. 


Rex rabbits come in two sizes, the regular Rex and the Mini Rex. The normal Rex weighs 7 ½ to 10lbs, whereas the Mini Rex is only 4 ½ on average. Although its coat was considered inferior to the standard Rex to begin with, thanks to breeding practices its fur quality has greatly improved. As well as its silky soft pelt, the Mini-Rex is known for its sweet personality, making it one of the most popular rabbit breeds around.


The fur of satin rabbits is narrower and more transparent than regular rabbit fur, which gives their fur a stunning sheen and lustrous colour. Like Rex's, Satin's also come in a mini version, known as a Satin Angora.

Lionhead Rabbits

The Einstein of the Rabbit World - and we mean their fur, not their brains - the Lionhead Rabbit is a lovely little ball of fluff. Weighing less than 4lbs, their name comes from the soft fur that sticks out around their adorable faces. Despite the fierce name, Lionheads can be skittish in nature, but they're usually more than willing to play if given love from an early age.


Angora rabbits are known for their particularly long fur, which can grow up to 5 ½ cm and can be used to make a soft wool. Unsurprisingly, they need constant grooming, and compared to other rabbit breeds they can be high maintenance. However, their friendly personality and playful disposition make them well worth the extra effort.

Velveteen Lop

The clue is in the name really. A mix between a Mini Rex and an English Lop, the Velveteen Lop is named after the iconic children's storybook character and is a fairly new breed. They are small to medium in size, weighing roughly 6lbs. Like the English lop they have long, lopped ears, with the fur of the Mini Rex. In other words, they're the perfect combination!

Plush Lop

The Plush Lop have a lot in common with the Velveteen Lop, but are smaller at an average weight of 3-4 lbs. They are incredibly rare, with only two breeders in the world specialising in them.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

This extra small rabbit (a tiny 2lbs!) has short, soft fur, that requires weekly grooming, and comes in a wide range of colours from chestnut, to black, otter, tan and orange. Still, don't be fooled by its large eyes and cuddly coat, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits can be a tad wild - pick one up and you'll see what we mean!

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