Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit Breeds

If you are looking to buy a rabbit it can be difficult to select one from all the different breeds available. They all vary significantly in appearance, character and temperament. We will be covering different rabbit breeds over the next few months to give you an insight into how the different breeds vary.

English Lop

English Lop rabbits are large rabbits with fairly short coats. They are believed to be the oldest lop rabbit in Britain. If you see any other types of lop rabbits, they were probably bred from the English Lop. The main feature of these rabbits is their huge floppy ears which were selectively bred. People find it an adorable and very appealing breed because of it's very long ears. They have a very laid back nature and are a friendly breed. They come in a few different colours such black, blue, fawn and black. They can be one block colour or have coloured patches.


Rex rabbits are fairly rare and unique because of their amazing fur that feels just like velvet. Their fur was actually caused by a mutation in wild rabbits in France. They have some of the softest fur of all rabbits. They are possible one of the more intelligent breeds of rabbit and have a nice nature. They can be quite active and energetic and aren't too difficult to handle. You can get Rex rabbits in all sorts of different colours including chocolate, blue, black, white and orange. They can sometimes be quite shy and quiet until they get to know you.

Netherland Dwarf

The Netherland Dwarf is quite a common breed of rabbit that is popular as a family pet. They originated from the Netherlands and are a fairly small breed. They have a rounded face and a short neck with a rather compact body. In terms of temperament they like human company, can be quite lively but sometimes a little nervous. However, in general they are normally quite laid back and gentle little creatures. Many people fall for their adorable looks, they are very cute when they are young but also have a juvenile appearance even when they are older. They come in all sorts of different colours.


Dutch rabbits are a small to medium sized breed of rabbit that have very distinctive colour markings. They come in 6 main colours, tortoise, grey, steel, chocolate, black and blue. They have been a popular pet for a long time, and are also popular with show breeders. They used to be the most popular breed but since newer breeds have been introduced they are not quite as popular. They have glossy fur and fairly short ears. They are very energetic rabbits that need a fair amount of exercise and attention. They are sociable rabbits with a lovely nature.

English Spot

English Spot rabbits have a very striking appearance with their butterfly shaped mark on their nose. Other markings can include eye circles, coloured ears and spots along their body. They come in grey, chocolate, black, blue and tortoiseshell. They were bred in England during the 19th century and have since become popular pets. They have a sweet nature and are quite athletic with an inquisitive, cheeky character.

In general larger rabbit breeds tend to be easier to handle and more laid back than smaller rabbits. However, the downside is that larger rabbits don't live as long. If you are finding it difficult to choose a breed then here are a few more types of rabbit that you might like.


Even though they are named 'Polish' rabbits they are thought to have originated in Britain in the mid 19th century. The British version of the Polish rabbit which is the original version is has a compact, delicate look and they have a small resemblance to a hare. They have pointed ears which often makes them look very focused and alert. They are one of the smallest of rabbit breeds with a graceful upright stance. They only a weigh around 1. 2 kilograms. They were originally bred for meat and considered a delicacy. Polish rabbits come in a huge variety of different colours including white, blue, black and brown. They have a fairly short coat with smooth hair. It's important to note that Polish rabbits don't really liked to be petted and cuddled and enjoy being very active and energetic, therefore they are not the best choice for children.


The Himalayan rabbit is very noticeable because of it's white colouring with dark points. They are a small to medium breed, weighing in at around 2 kilograms. Their coat is quite easy to maintain as it is short. They are extremely popular as pets because they have a reputation for being kind natured, friendly rabbits that are good with children. They are very laid back, gentle and docile but can sometimes be fairly lively. They are normally white with coloured markings, the most popular being black but you can also get chocolate, blue or lilac markings. The origins of this breed are unclear, no one really knows exactly where they originated from.

New Zealand

This breed of rabbit was created in New Zealand in 1916. They were bred for the meat and fur trades but now make excellent family pets. They are a large breed of rabbit and can weigh between 4 and 5 kilograms. This makes them a little too heavy for kids to lift. They are normally completely white with pink eyes making them an albino rabbit. Their coat is quite dense so regular grooming is necessary. New Zealand rabbits make great pets because they are so docile and calm.

Chinchilla Rabbit

The adorable Chinchilla rabbit has been bred to resemble a Chinchilla with its extremely soft fur. This breed came from France where it was originally bred in the early 1900's and came to Britain in 1915. They are salt and pepper in colour and are very nice natured rabbits. They are a medium sized rabbit weighing in at 2 and a half to 3 kilograms. The Chinchilla rabbit is now used as a pet as people love it's super soft fur and calm nature. It's also used as a show rabbit due to it's impressive appearance.

Angora Rabbit

The Angora rabbit has become extremely popular recently because of it's big fluffy coat. It's fur is very thick and they have a long woolly coat. They can literally look like a big ball of fluff. They were bred in Turkey and also used as pets for French royalty. They are the only breed of rabbit that's fur can be spun into wool.

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