Puppy And Dog Facts

Puppy And Dog Facts

If you are about to bring home a puppy for the first time, the excitement you feel is probably overwhelming. Puppies are just about the cutest, most lovable creatures on earth. They require a lot of attention care in their first year, and you will soon learn just how mischievous they can be. Puppies are a big responsibility, but your love for them will act as motivation to deal with all the cheekiness that comes with it. Here are 5 puppy facts you need to know before you bring your pup home!

  1. Pups have super sharp teeth.

You would think that adult dogs’ teeth were more ferocious, but compared with puppy teeth, adult dogs’ teeth are blunt as can be. Puppies’ teeth are very small but are extremely sharp. Combined with their love of chewing everything, you will need to be prepared for their little mouths around your hands. Ouch!

  1. Puppies are so soft because they have not developed their full coat yet.

Have you ever wondered why puppies are so irresistibly velvet-soft? It is because their full adult coat has not yet grown in. They still only have their under-fur which feels like soft downy feathers. Dogs only get their adult coat at around six months.

  1. Puppies go through teething, just like babies.

Remember those tiny needle teeth we just told you about? Well, those will come out. Just like children, puppies chew on things because they go through a ‘teething’ process which has their baby teeth falling out, and their adult teeth growing in. Which means yes, you might start finding tiny baby puppy teeth around the house at some point.

  1. Puppies remain puppies until about fifteen months old.

We all think of puppies as tiny little fluffy babies, but actually, your dog will be a pup until around fifteen months. Even after becoming full grown, your pup will probably still act like, and have the energy level of, a puppy. Prepare for at least a year of puppy chaos!

  1. Young puppies spend 15-20 hours per day asleep.

When they are first born, puppies spend the majority of their time eating or sleeping. Even by the time they come home to you, a puppy will have short bursts of energy followed by floppy, deep sleeps. Puppies are hilarious, fun, and cute, but you must prepare yourself for the energy levels of a little puppy. Think of a toddler on four legs who cannot answer back.


All in all, getting a puppy is worth it if you put in the research and preparation. Puppies are sweet, funny, and will have your heart in their paws in no time at all. Just prepare for the tiny little sharp teeth, the chewed-up underwear and all the laughs you will ever need.

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