Pointer Dog Breeds

Pointer Dog Breeds

If you’re looking to purchase an intelligent, active dog breed, look no further than pointer dogs. These canines are so named for their tracking ability, and the tendency for them to pause, lift up their leg, and sniff out the scent. They are excellent for tracking and are often employed as sniffer dogs for law enforcement.

That being said - they also make great pets. Here are a few wonderful breeds you may consider:

English Pointer

The English pointer (also known as the pointer) has been a loyal friend of wing-shooters in England. They are reliable, focused, loving, and great companions to have by your side, and as they are small, are easier to manage.

English Setter

If you’re looking for a pointer with a silky coat, the English Setter is a fantastic choice. Originating in the UK, they were previously known as hunting dogs, yet have a friendly disposition and will serve as a great friend for life.

Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italianos are known for their long, floppy ears, long snouts, and somewhat cheeky side-eye glances. They originate from Italy, and are known to be reliable, bond-ready dogs that drool quite often, but are no less loving.


The humble Brittany is a breed originating in Northern France, and we’re sure you can guess from what region. They are sensitive dogs that are fantastic for small families to keep but must be taken good care of thanks to their affinity for loneliness. This is why they are ideal for active home life.

With these breeds, you’re sure to no doubt find a fantastic pointer dog ready to stand by your side as a new companion.

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