Places See Wolves In The Uk

Places See Wolves In The Uk

Wolves are featured in the media, films and television programmes and throughout history as savage, terrifying predators. However, this common misconception couldn't be further from the truth. Wolves are actually very aloof around humans and will avoid violence unless it's absolutely necessary. In reality they are impressive, stunning creatures who have extremely strong family values and strict discipline within their pack.

You can't understand the magnificence of these creatures until you see one in real life. Seeing a wolf pack in real life is a magical experience. We can learn a lot from these amazing creatures. Seeing how wolves behave can also help us to understand the behaviour of our own dogs.

If you are a dog lover then you will enjoy a wolf experience. There are only a select few places in the UK where you can see real wolves. Here are three places in the UK that offer wolf encounters and contribute to the conservation of wolves.

UK Wolf Conservation Trust - Berkshire

You can see wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Reading, Berkshire. The centre offers lots of different experiences including member walks, howl nights, wolf viewings and wolf keeper days. The Trust aims to keep wolves in the wild, help wolf conservation around the wild and change people's attitudes to wolves.

The Wolf Centre - Devon

The Wolf Centre is located in Coombe Martin, Devon. The park is not open to the public but you can book to visit the centre and there are a few different courses you can do. You can book a wolf encounter where you get to see the wolves in their enclosure and get a guided tour with one of the experienced staff. There are also wolf hybrids which you can meet and interact with.

The Anglian Wolf Society - Bedfordshire

The Anglian Wolf Society operates a wolf sanctuary in North Bedfordshire. The centre aims to educate people about wolves, help wolf conservation and to enable people to study and learn about wolves.

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