Most Elegant Dog Breeds

Most Elegant Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are very elegant and graceful. They command a room and can get lots of attention for their elegant looks. Other dog breeds aren't quite so graceful in the way that they look and act, for example Boxers, Labradors and Rottweilers aren't particularly graceful dogs. Any dog can be graceful and gentle if they have the right personality, however, some breeds are just naturally more elegant. Here are some of the most elegant dog breeds. Feel free to comment below if you disagree and add your own suggestions.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds have the most amazing silky coat that flows gently as they walk. Just their coat alone makes them look graceful, but they also walk nicely on the lead and are very gentle and docile.


When a poodle gets the breed standard hair cut they can look spectacular. You certainly notice a well groomed poodle walking down the street. They can be quite energetic but are generally quite graceful.

Border Collie

Collies have an endless supply of energy. Just because they are extremely active, doesn't mean they can't be graceful. Have you ever seen a Border Collie herding a pack of sheep, doing agility or flyball? They are very talented dogs who can move with precision and grace.


These little dogs have ridiculously soft, white, fluffy coats that help to make them look graceful and very cute. When their coat is grown long and reaches the floor they can look very elegant.

Italian Greyhound

These little dogs can run very fast and also look graceful at the same time. They are quite petite, which adds to their elegance.


Greyhounds look amazing when they are running at speed around a track or sprinting across a field. They are the fastest dog breed but also one of the most elegant dogs you will come across.


Salukis have a similar shape and stature to a greyhound, they just have more hair. They are a very pretty and attractive dog breed which also makes them look very graceful. Like greyhounds, they can run pretty fast.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters have a gorgeous glossy coat, strong stature and elegant physique. According to the Kennel Club, they 'rank amongst the most glamorous of all the breeds of dog. '


Dobermans are fierce, strong guard dogs but they hold themselves with grace and sophistication. They might be bold and protective but they are also quite elegant in the way that they move and guard territory.

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