Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

There are some dog breeds that seem to have been bred to look ridiculously handsome. When it comes to dog breeds, everyone has an opinion of what an attractive dog looks like. Dogs that some people think are gorgeous, others think are completely ugly. You may or may not agree with some of the dog breeds we have included. If you feel we have missed a dog breed out then feel free to comment below explaining why you think they should make the list. Here are 10 ridiculously handsome dog breeds.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very striking dogs with a key distinguishing feature. They have a stripe of fur along their spine on their back that grows in the opposite direction to the rest of the fur. Ridgebacks are large, powerful, stocky dogs with a light wheaten to red wheaten coat and a black muzzle.

Siberian Husky

Huskies are stunning looking dogs that come in a variety of attractive colours. They can have bright blue eyes and distinctive markings. They have a thick, double coat and usually have a white underbelly and white legs. You will certainly notice a husky when you pass one on the street.


Leonbergers are very large, handsome dogs with black muzzles and a medium textured coat. They are very strong and powerful and can make good guard dogs. Leonbergers are very loyal and fearless and males can weigh up to 77 kilograms.


Dalmatians had to be included in the list because of their appealing spotted coat. They have a very distinctive appearance and are athletic, energetic and payful dogs that make wonderful companions.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds can have amazing markings and come in beautiful colours. They are extremely intelligent and very active dogs that require a lot of stimulation and adequate training.


Weimaraners are very striking, athletic, and noble dogs that command attention. They are very loving and loyal but they aren't for the faint hearted. They have smooth grey/silver coats and very soft floppy ears that are hard to resist.


Although Dobermans can look a little intimidating that doesn't make them any less handsome. They have a strong, fierce look and are usually black and tan. They have a smooth coat and a powerful build.

Golden Retriever

We couldn't leave out the gorgeous Golden Retriever. They have a lovely golden double coat and a great temperament.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German pointers are a very handsome breed. They are very energetic and are medium to large in size. Their coat is smooth and they come in black and liver, sometimes with white markings.

German Shepherd

>German Shepherds are known for their role as a security dog. As well as being excellent guard dogs they are also very handsome. They are large dogs with a thick, double coat.

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