Major Dog Charities In The Uk

Major Dog Charities In The Uk

Are you If you want to help dogs and make a difference all you have to do is find a charity to support. There are hundreds of canine charities in the UK that are in need of help. There are also plenty of things you can do to help, from giving up some of your free time to simply donating. Here are some different ways that you can help dog charities.


If you want to make a difference but don't have time to help out then why not donate to your favourite dog charity. A small donation can really go a long way.

Street Fundraising

Take to the streets and raise money for a charity your feel passionate about. You could raise a fair amount of money in just a few hours. Get in touch with your chosen charity to see if they do street fundraising.

General Fundraising

There are lots of different ways you can raise money for charities. From car boot sales to sponsored walks and cake sales.

Volunteer Your Time

You can always volunteer your time and help out a This could be for a few short hours, a day or on a regular basis. Whatever amount of time you can give will be appreciated. Not only will the dogs benefit but you will enjoy yourself and get something out of the experience.

Raise Awareness

Now that we have so many channels of communication at our disposal you can let people know about your favourite charity. Tell people about your chosen dog charity via social media and word of mouth. You can educate people about the fantastic things they do.

Attend Events

Canine charities often host lots of different events to try and promote their charity and raise money. Attend some of the events and you can donate to the charity simply by taking part.

Fostering Dogs

Dogs in rescue sometimes need a break from life in kennels. It can all get a bit much for them, and some dogs don't cope very well. If you can't give them a permanent home then you can give them a short break from kennels by fostering them. It's a wonderful experience and very rewarding.

Walking Dogs

Some dog charities and rescue centres require volunteers to help walk their dogs. If you have a few spare hours a week then you can always volunteer as a dog walker.

Major Dog Charities In The UK

There are many fantastic charities in the UK that work with dogs. These charities exist to rescue and care for dogs that are neglected, need help or need to be rehomed. Dogs are amazing animals and they can make a huge difference to peoples lives. If you are a dog lover then you might want to know a little bit about the major canine charities in the UK. You can help these charities in lots of different ways, from simply making a donation to volunteering, fostering and raising awareness.


The RSPCA are a huge charity in the UK that rescue all sorts of different animals including dogs. They are the UK's leading animal welfare charities and they are very well known. The RSPCA stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Their aim is to ensure people live in harmony with other animals and treat them with respect.

https://www. rspca. org. uk

The Dogs Trust

The largest dog welfare charity in the UK is the Dogs Trust. They seek to educate people and contributors through their online publication WAG. Money is also raised through the purchase of your everyday goods!

This is an easy and free service which allows you to buy from retailers such as Argos online but by clicking on a link through the Easy Fundraising site first! It's a fantastic way to make a difference by contributing in a way which requires very little input or effort as you are already purchasing from such retailers.

It is particularly lovely to note that they do not put down any healthy dogs too! Check out their EBay page also for items to purchase where 10% of the funds raised by each purchase are again sent to the charity. Their website again features dogs available for rehoming and there are also dogs featured for you to choose to sponsor which is slightly less of a commitment.

Battersea Cats & Dogs Home

Battersea aims to 'rescue, reunite, rehabilitate and rehome lost and abandoned dogs and cats. ' It's the oldest cat and dog rehoming charity in the UK and it's been running since 1860. Battersea relies on voluntary donations and is based in Battersea, London.

https://www. battersea. org. uk

Blue Cross

The Blue Cross for Pets has been around for a number of years. They rely on donations and support to care for sick or injured animals and at this time provide care for 40, 000 animals a year.

They are a fantastic charity as they not only do the above but notably provide educational talks to pet owners of the future, educating them on the importance of responsible ownership and care. They also run an accredited course to teach you how to become a volunteer and support bereaved pet owners.

They are currently encouraging people to get involved with their 'Paws for Tea' fundraising event. All's you need to do is sign up for one of their fundraising packs which gives you ideas on how to hold a tea party which raises funds for the charity. By 2020 they hope to help 70, 000 animals a year and events such as the tea parties help them to reach their goals.


The PDSA is a veterinary charity that helps to provide free vet care for the pets of owners who are in need of assistance. They have helped look after the pets of owners in need for 97 years. Many anima

https://www. pdsa. org. uk

Wood Green Animals Charity

Wood Green Animals Charity is one of the most well known charities. Their core mission is to provide the most secure and loving homes for all of their dogs and other pets. They encourage you to support one of their nine charity shops by donating items or buying from them or to carry out your own fundraising activity.

Interestingly, they have also launched an initiative designed to enhance your relationship with your dog and this includes behavioural management, one-to-one workshops and even puppy socialisation classes.

These are available for a small fee. It is also worth noting that their website features dogs available to rehome now. Each dog has had the necessary vaccinations and treatments and comes with four weeks free pet insurance.

Battersea Dogs Home

Now for one of the UK's oldest charities; the Battersea Dogs Home. The work of the organisation is inspiring as their ultimate aim is to never turn away any dog or cat they take in. Their campaigns include lobbying for the end of backstreet breeding and a number of other issues.

Their important manifesto raises important issues at an important time in the political calendar (the general election and our impending departure from the European Union).

Other issues focused on in the manifesto include a campaign for the animal cruelty sentence to be raised to a maximum of five years as currently this is only six months in the UK and lags behind many other European countries.

They are also calling for tighter control on reselling of puppies in pet shops and via private sellers and they would like to continue to improve the work they have already done with the new government's support.

Their website also provides resources and advice for dog owners including care and what to do if you lose or find a dog. In the gift shop you can also choose to purchase small gift for the dogs housed at Battersea.

Finally, Battersea Dogs Home are engaged in a number of business partnerships with retailers such as Notonthehighstreet. co, Tatty Devine and Vitabiotics. A range of projects and collaborations are undertaken to help raise awareness of the work Battersea do and a range of collaborative products are also available for purchase.

Animal Health Trust

Slightly different is the Animal Health Trust who pioneer research in to animal diseases and for animal health care in general. As a not-for-profit organisation they invest all money made from their diagnostic service back into research and care which makes it an invaluable tool and charity for dog lovers alike.

Their work and publications work to educate us about animal illness and disease and provide a wide reaching resource for all and animal health care providers to find new and better ways to eradicate disease. They also accept referrals from vets in respect of dogs suffering from a variety of illnesses and complaints. They also offer a guardianship scheme where

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