Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a dog that doesn't require a lot of maintenance? When it comes to grooming, there are some dogs that are very demanding. Many breeds of dog require regular grooming, bathing brushing and cutting. If you want to avoid paying for your dog to be groomed every month, or spending a lot of time doing it yourself then choose a low maintenance breed. Here is a selection of low maintenance dog breeds for you to choose from. You just need to decide whether their temperament and breed are suited to you. All of the breeds below have smooth coats, which means they require very little maintenance, just the occasional brush.


Dalmatian's are very well known dogs that make great companions. Their smooth, soft coat really stands out and they have bags of personality.


If you want a fast, active dog but don't want them to be too large then a whippet is a good choice. They hardly need any brushing and their coat will dry very quickly. They are sweet, timid dogs that have a strong chase instinct.


Many people think that Greyhounds are very active dogs, but once they have had their daily exercise they can be quite the opposite. They are quite happy to sleep all day and their coat requires very little brushing.


Although Beagles do not require very much brushing, they are by no means an easy breed to look after. They can be quite naughty but they are completely adorable and with the right training can make excellent family pets.


Boxers are another breed that is ideal for those who require a low maintenance dog. They love to play and jump around and have a charming temperament.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are a popular breed, especially those looking for a smaller canine companion. They are very low maintenance and love to be around people. They do not shed very much and only require a small amount of exercise.


Weimaraner's have a lovely soft, shiny coat. They are nicknamed the 'Grey Ghost' because of the colour of their eyes and coat. However, they are not the best choice for a first time dog owner as they can be quite challenging.

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