Looking After Pet Mice

Looking After Pet Mice

If you are looking for a pet for your son or daughter then a small mouse could be the answer. Mice are easy to train and they enjoy attention. If children handle them carefully they become tame.

They are a delightful pet and are inexpensive to keep. There is a variety of cages and toy accessories available to suit a person’s pocket.

Good nutrition:

It is essential for mice to be fed a good variable diet with the main staple food being a rodent mix or hamster pet food.

There are pellets available for mice which provide a balanced nutritious diet. If your mice decides to leave bits of food in the bowl you will need to check the diet is not missing some vital nutrients.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can add variety to a mouse’s diet. However greens, carrots and apples can cause a mouse to have diarrhoea. Do not overfeed your mouse and make sure all the food is eaten.


Do not feed a mouse chocolate, cheese or potato chips. Junk food is toxic to all small pets. Mice live up to three years and bad health care can shorten their lifespan. There is more information about pets online including health care, nutrition, pet supplies and pet accessories.

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