Lazy Dog Breeds

Lazy Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a dog that doesn't require huge amounts of exercise? It's always good to choose a dog breed that will fit with your lifestyle. However, if you want to get a dog you need to be aware that all dogs need a decent amount of exercise. Some just need a bit more than others. If you don't want to do three hours of walking every day then you may want to avoid some of the more active breeds. Another important point is that no matter what breed you go for, all individual dogs are different. The information below is simply a rough guideline as to some of the dogs that might be suited to less active people. You can get two dogs that are the same breed that have totally different needs. Here is a list of some of the dog breeds that require slightly less exercise and like to relax.


Despite their reputation for being one of the fastest dogs, Greyhounds are also quite happy to relax and sleep all day. They need a good run every day but after that they are quite lazy dogs who enjoy lounging around. Many retired greyhounds make wonderful pets, because they do not need much maintenance and are happy with their daily walk.


Pugs are bold little dogs with a cheeky character. They need a good walk everyday, but they certainly shouldn't over do it. They have very short and flat muzzles which can often make it difficult to breathe, especially if they overexert themselves. They still have bundles of energy though, so will need a decent walk each day.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs probably need up to an hour a day of exercise. They are not very high energy dogs and aren't usually very boisterous, although they do enjoy lots of playtime. They can live in houses or flats and make great companion dogs. Like Pugs, they should not be over exercised.

Bull Dog

English Bull Dogs have large stocky bodies and quite short legs. They are not built to do lots of exercise, and can sometimes be a little bit lazy. They aren't the fastest of dogs and they definitely enjoy a bit of down time.

Great Dane

Many people assume that Great Danes have loads of energy because they are so large. In reality they need to conserve energy and have very slow metabolisms. They enjoy a good nap every day and aren't particularly energetic dogs. They are often described as couch potatoes as they like to sleep a lot and don't need very long walks. They are lovely natured dogs that make great pets if you have the space for them!


Bassets definitely aren't built for sprinting and doing huge amounts of exercise. They have very short legs and a long body. If you get a Basset Hound you may have to keep them on the lead as they have a tendency to run off. Once they catch a scent they will be off! When they get back from a good walk they are perfectly happy to relax all day.

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