Lakeland-Terrier Dog Breed Guide

Lakeland-Terrier Dog Breed Guide

Lakeland terriers were named after where they originated from, the Lake District. They were used as working dogs, skilfully grounding after foxes. They became an official breed through the Kennel Club in 1921. It wasn't until 1912 when this breed was officially known as the Lakeland Terrier when a club was formed. Lakelands are well adapted hunters, they used to be used to hunt animals such as foxes and badgers. Then they made their way into the show ring and are now popular as pets and show dogs.

  • Origin: The Lake District
  • Breed type: Terrier
  • Height: 33 and 38 cm
  • Weight: 7-8 kilograms


Lakelands can be a little aloof but they are very loyal to their owners and can be affectionate and loving when they want to be. They are tough little dogs who enjoy a good long walk and are quite agile and courageous. Lakelands are generally good with children and people and make great pets. They do need quite a bit of exercise despite being the smallest of the black and tan terriers. Lakelands are usually black and tan coloured but they can also be light tan, black, solid red and saddle in colour. Lakelands generally live just over ten years.


Lakelands that are going to make an appearance in the show ring must be hand stripped. Their wire coat is thick and does require regular grooming, although it does not shed which many people find appealing. Pet owners may choose to have their Lakelands clipped as this is much easier, however it does notproduce as much of a nice coat as being hand stripped.

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