Korthals-Griffon Dog Breed Guide

Korthals-Griffon Dog Breed Guide

The Korthals Griffon is an athletic hunting dog, who also have a strong ability in water. Korthals Griffons are extremely versatile sporting dogs with a lot to offer both pet owners and people looking for a good all round working dog. They are rumored to be the supreme gundog because they are fast, intelligent, agile and sporty dogs who work hard. They are specially bred to hunt birds and other prey.

The breed was created around 1870 Eduard Karel Korthals who set out to create the perfect gun dog. Eduard was originally from Holland but he went to Germany to develop this wonderful breed of gundog. He bred 600 dogs, keeping just 62 over 20 years to develop his ideal gundog, the Korthals Griffon. Nowadays the Korthals Griffon is still a very popular hunting dog but these dogs also make great pets for the right person.



Breed type:

Gun dog, hunting, working


20 - 24 inches (50 - 60 cm)


50 - 60 (23 - 27 kg)


They are extremely active dogs that don't do very well in flats and small spaces. They need plenty of space to run and long walks every day. They are well suited to countryside living where they can do lots of running and exploring.

They have a lovely relaxed nature and they are very friendly dogs, they would make a great family pet for an active family. They are loyal dogs who love a bit of attention, including lots of cuddles. They a pretty good with other pets as well as people and because they are very intelligent they respond very well to training. They have a very good sense of smell because of their wide nostrils. They will guard the home, but they are just as happy curled up with their owners. They are not timid dogs but they are also definitely not aggressive dogs.

They come mainly in steel grey with liver brown patches but they can also be solid liver brown, white and brown, liver roan or liver brown with white hairs.


Their rough and wiry double coat is tailor made for their job, it protects them while they are hunting. They have big eyebrows and a cute moustache, this gives them a very friendly, animated appearance. They have very little grooming requirements, they simply need to be brushed on a regular basis.

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