Korean-Jindo Dog Breed Guide

Korean-Jindo Dog Breed Guide

The Korean Jindo is a hunting dog that is believe to have originated from Jindo Island in Korea. This Island was disconnected from the mainland, the waters to get back to the mainland were very hazardous. It could be for this reason that Korean Jindos remained so pure, because many of them originated on this Island. This breed is very unique in that it is the only breed that is technically owned by a government. The Jindo is considered a national treasure in Korea and is well cared for by the Korean government. In 1962, the designated the Jindo as the 53rd 'Natural Treasure. ''Jindo's are also known for their excellent hunting skills. They were bred to hunt large prey such as deer and boar.


Jindos are similar to the Shiba Inu in appearance but they tend to be a lot larger. They are classed as a medium sized dog. Jindos are very muscular and agile which makes them good hunters. They come in different colours including red, white and black and tan. They have a curled tail and erect, pointed ears.


In Korea the Jindo is well known for it's bravery and loyalty. Jindos are apparently not very well suited as search and rescue dogs and police dogs. They are extremely loyal to their first owner and do not respond well to different handlers. They also have very strong homing instincts and have been known to travel miles to get back to their previous owner. They can be very protective of both their owners and their territory. Due to their hunting background they have strong hunting instincts and require experienced owners. Korean Jindos are definitely not for first time dog owners and require a lot of training. Don't forget you can buy all your dog food and training product from us .



Breed type:



Male 50-55cm, female 40-50cm


Male 18-23kgs, female 15-19kgs

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