Keeping Your Rabbit Happy

Keeping Your Rabbit Happy

There are a few things that rabbits need to keep them happy. As a rabbit owner you need to know what things they like and the essential things they need. Here are some of the things you need to provide for your bunny if you want them to be happy and healthy.

Time In Their Run

Rabbits need between three and four hours of exercise a day. This can simply be time out in their run to stretch their legs and have the freedom to move around. You need to make sure that their exercise area is escape proof and safe from predators.


Spend some time with your bunny giving them attention and allowing them to interact with you. This will get them used to being handled and enable you to increase your bond.

Things To Gnaw

Rabbits should have plenty of things to gnaw and chew on. This keeps their teeth healthy and helps with mental stimulation, preventing them from getting bored. Get them some chews such as .

Toys and Treats

Get your rabbit some toys to keep them entertained and provide hours of fun. You might also want to spoil your bunny with a few tasty treats. Check out our selection of toys and treats for rabbits.

A Place To Hide

Rabbits like to have a safe place to hide. Put something inside their hutch or run that they can hide in should they want to go to their safe place. This makes them feel reassured and calm when they feel under threat.


Rabbits need to have enough space so that they can get enough exercise and display normal behaviours. Make sure you get an enclosure or rabbit hutch that is big enough for your rabbit and gives them the space to run around. Take a look at our

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