Japenese Dog Breeds

Japenese Dog Breeds

There are six main Japanese dog breeds that are known as "Nihon-ken". They are treated as Japan’s national dog and are considered important to their heritage. The Nihon-ken include breeds: Kishu Ken, Hokkaido Ken, Shiba Inu, Kai Ken, and Akita inu often referred to and well-known as "Hachiko".

This standard was put into place and determined in 1934 by the Nihon-ken Hozonkau, who is a Japanese public organization that is responsible for maintaining and preserving registries for the six native Japanese dog breeds.

Have a look below at a quick overview of the 6 authentic Japanese dogs, it may give you the ammunition to have a look further and do some research into these beautiful breeds:

Authentic Japanese Dog Breeds

Akita Ken

Well-known as the Hachiko, this adorable breed of dog has a legacy that long lives on in the Japanese dog statue in Shibuya. Many people visit it and it makes this breed one of the most popular.

Hokkaido Inu

This breed is thought to have a much older bloodline. They have larger paws, smaller ears, and a much thinker outer coat.

Kai Ken

This is one of if not the most distinctive of the original Japanese dog breeds and is nicknamed the ‘tiger dog’ this is because of their coat full of colours.

Kishu Inu

This is a hunting dog, they are still rare even in Japan, they are extremely intelligent, independent, and brave, however, this makes them quite impulsive.

Shiba Inu

Some will argue that this is the most popular breed.

Shikoku Ken

This beautiful dog is a Japanese spitz-type breed and has a wolf-like appearance.

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