Italian Dog Breeds

Italian Dog Breeds

The nation of Italy has given the world tremendous gifts across multiple categories: food, sport, motoring and fashion among them. For a country that does so well when it comes to effortless style, it seems hardly surprising then that there are so many breeds of dog native to Italy; including those named below, who very well fit the description of Bellissima!

Bracco Italiano

With a name that literally translates as “Italian hound”, this handsome canine is a perfect tracking dog and will ensure you get plenty of exercise. As long as they get their walk, the Bracco is a loving and loyal pet; although be warned that, when excited, they can be very vocal dogs.

Cane Corso

This Corsican native breed is as sturdy as it is friendly; a perfect guard dog for a family which first found favour in Italian farming communities as a protector of livestock. Despite their size and imposing build, they’re perfect pooches to have around if you have small children - the Cane Corso is a gentle giant.

Spinone Italiano

The name is thought to come from the word Spino - a term describing the rough terrain familiar to the mountainous Piedmont region. The Alpine region where they first grew up taught these wiry hounds to develop a hardy nature which makes them perfect outdoor dogs. Like a majority of Italian breeds, they are hugely loyal pets and enjoy being part of a family. They are, however, prone to separation anxiety, so they’re best kept in working homes.

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