Is Your Cat Pregnant

Is Your Cat Pregnant

Has your cat been acting a little sluggish lately? Are you concerned that your feline friend could be pregnant? Then you’re probably on the lookout for lots of information about how to spot the warning signs.

Today, we’ve compiled and published an article that will tell you everything you need to know. Use the information below to determine whether or not you might be about to welcome a litter of kittens into your home.

How long are cats pregnant?

Have you ever wondered how long a cat gestation period is? The average time is nine weeks or 58-68 days, but this is only a guide as the pregnancy time can vary with each cat. A cat won’t show signs of pregnancy for up to 2 weeks after conception, making the overall gestation period challenging to judge. If you are unsure if your cat may be pregnant, take her to see your local Vet for advice.

Do cats have periods?

Yes. Cats have their first estrous cycle when they reach puberty, and they start to have a regular ‘heat cycle’ at about six months old as they come into sexual maturity. You can expect a cat to have a heat cycle every three weeks.  

You may notice your cat’s behaviour change when she is on her heat cycle; she may vocalize, urine spray, or be more demanding and attention-seeking than usual. Do not worry as these behaviours are completely normal; give your cat the fuss and attention it needs to ensure she is happy.

How to tell if a cat is pregnant

The first signs a cat is pregnant are changes to the cat’s nipples; after two weeks gestation period, the cat’s nipples will noticeably enlarge and darken in colour. Much like humans, cats can also experience a stage morning sickness. If you notice your cat is vomiting regularly, then contact your vet for advice.  

You can also expect to see your cat have an increased appetite, and she may gradually gain up to 2kg of extra weight depending on the number of her litter. You will also see your cat’s stomach will swell, and it can be tempting to feel her stomach, but this can be harmful to mother and kittens, so is best avoided. If you notice that your cat is gaining weight and you are unsure why then always seek advice from your vet.

Cat Pregnancy stages

During the initial stage of your cat's pregnancy, you may notice changes in her behaviour, such as decreased appetite and regular vomiting. After the first two weeks, you will notice your cat's nipples enlarge, and her appetite increases as she prepares to carry her young. At four weeks, your cat's first trimester is complete. You should concentrate on providing your cat with the most nutritional food possible to ensure healthy growth and development for her kittens.

During the middle stage of the pregnancy, your cat's weight gain will be very obvious as she starts to look more rounded, and her stomach swollen. Your local Vets may be able to offer an Ultrasound to discover how many kittens there are.

By week 8 of your cat's pregnancy, her appetite will decrease, and she will start showing signs of nesting as she seeks a comfortable place to give birth to her young.

At what age can a cat get pregnant?

A cat can get pregnant once she reaches sexual maturity and has started her heat cycle. For most cats, this is between 4-6 months, so if you want to avoid unexpected pregnancies, then it's wise to consider neutering your cat at around this time.

The process is straightforward, so you don't need to worry about anything going wrong, and some vets offer great rates, so it won't break the bank. There really is no need to worry.

You should now have a reasonable understanding of how to spot the warning signs when your cat becomes pregnant. Hopefully, this knowledge will help to make sure you contact the Vet at the right time, and your cat gives birth to healthy and happy kittens. If you'd like to know more information about health issues related to cats, check out some of the other articles on this website before you leave us today.

Just remember, if you ever have concerns about your cat’s health, it is sensible to contact an animal professional as soon as possible. If you worry about the cost of Vet bills, don't forget that many practices offer payment plans that will provide you with discounts in the long term.

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