Interesting Jobs For Dogs

Interesting Jobs For Dogs

Dogs have earned their title as man's best friend because of they offer loyalty, protection and companionship. However, modern dogs have also learned a wide range of impressive skills that help humans with common problems and challenges. Dogs are very well suited to a range of different roles within society. Some of the things they do for humans are mindblowing, such as saving us from drowning, detecting when our blood sugar is too low or high or recognising the scent for cancer. Other jobs that dogs do simply emphasise our connection with these wonderful animals, and just how much of a difference they can make to our lives. Here are some of the most interesting jobs for dogs.

Bomb Search Dogs

Bomb search dogs are used at airports and places where there is a suspected bomb threat. They can pick up the scent of explosives and indicate where they are located. Bomb search dogs are different to drug search dogs in that they have to be train to indicate when they find the scent but not touch or dig out the explosives. Once they have found what they are looking for they will indicate to their handler by doing a sit, freezing or lying down.

Sled Dogs

Sled dogs are a very impressive type of dog, because they are able to withstand extremely harsh conditions and they have a lot of endurance. They are used to pull sleds hundreds of miles in the snow, to get people from one place to another. They have excellent grip on their paws, can detect thin ice and have very thick coats to keep them warm in freezing conditions and shelter them from the strong winds.

Search and Rescue Dogs

When people get lost in remote areas, miles from any help, they can be extremely difficult to find. Even with helicopters, search teams and rescue vehicles looking for them they can still be lost for days. That's where search and rescue dogs come in, they are specially trained to find missing people by tracking their scent. In England, they scent for missing people in the countryside, moorlands, lowlands, mountains and even rural areas. These dogs regularly help save lives and bring missing people home safely.


Although we have human lifeguards, dogs can be lifeguards too. Dogs with the right qualities such as Newfoundlands are trained to jump from boats and even helicopters to help swimmers in trouble. They are naturally very good swimmers and can easily drag an adult to shore. Dogs can get to a swimmer much quicker than the average swimmer and they make the situation safer for both the lifeguard and the casualty. It's amazing to see these dogs in action and saving lives on a daily basis.

Medical Alert Dogs

Medical alert dogs perform a vital role for many people. They are specially trained to help people with difficult medical conditions. They are able to pick up on changes to people's scents and raise the alert if they need to be treated. Medical alert dogs have a very keen sense of smell and need to be able to pick out one smell over lots of other stronger smells. Medical alert dogs also help their owner on a daily basis but pushing alarm buttons, getting help and also medical supplies.

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