How To Stop Dogs Gulping Down Their Food

How To Stop Dogs Gulping Down Their Food

Most dogs absolutely adore food and will do anything to get their paws on it. Unfortunately some dogs love their food so much that they gulp it down too quickly, sometimes without even chewing it. They are so excited to get their Dog Food that they eat it as quickly as possible, as if they were taking part in an eating competition. This isn't very good for their digestion and they may not get all the nutrients from their food if they eat it too quickly. It can also cause them to gag, vomit or get stomach cramps. If your dog clears their bowl within ten seconds then you might want to try and find ways to slow them down. Here are some creative ways to stop your dog gulping down their food.

Separate Them When Eating

If you have more than one dog try separating them or feeding them in different rooms. Dogs will sometimes eat as quickly as possible because they are worried the other dog will try and steal their food. To prevent this keep them separate or at least a good few metres away from each other.

Give Them Small Amounts Throughout The Day

Just like humans, dogs can eat little and often without any problem. If your dog eats their main meal to quickly then try giving them smaller portions but more often. This will prevent them from gulping down too much food in one go.

Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Slowing down your dog's feeding process means they will get more nutrition from their food. Slow feed dog bowls achieve this by being made up of four different sections which slow your dog down. Get a slow feed dog bowl online today

Interactive Dog Bowls

Interactive dog bowls really do work, they are innovative feeding systems where your dog has to move the food and eat in between the gaps. Here is what an interactive dog bowl looks like These clever bowls are also great fun and give your dog some mental stimulation at meal times.

Make Them Work For Their Food

Not all meals have to be fed instantly in a bowl. You can feed your dog their dinner by getting them to do treats and work hard for their food. This means they will get fed small bits at a time so they can easily digest each piece of food.

Throw Kibble In The Garden

You can also throw kibble in your garden so that it spreads out everywhere. Then let your dog go and pick up all the little pieces of kibble around the garden, it will slow down their eating process.

Use A Treat Kong

You can put some of your dog's dinner in a treat Kong toy. They then have to roll it around until all the food falls out. This is a fun game that they will love and a creative way of getting them to eat slowly.

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