How To Play With Your Cat

How To Play With Your Cat

Cats can spend a considerable amount of time indoors, even if they have ready access to the world outside. They can become bored and overweight if they so not receive adequate stimulation and so it is enormously beneficial if you take the time to play with your cat. It is great fun too and there are a variety of cat toys that you can invest in or even make yourself to liven up play time.

Wand Toys

Playing with your cat will help it to build muscle tone and should considerably reduce any behavioural issues that have developed. Wand toys are always a good starting point when you want to get your cat moving. Wand toys are simply wands or sticks featuring feathers, ribbons or small toys dangling from a piece of string. Most cats are excited by these and will be happy to chase the attachments around the rooms for as long as you have the energy to play along. These Cat Toys enable your cat to practice their hunting skills and are sure to yield plenty of laughs as your cat leaps around trying to snaffle their prey.

Cat Nip

If you have never exposed your cat to cat nip then you are in for a treat! Many cats find Catnip irresistible and they will exhibit a bizarre range of behaviours when then smell it. Cat nip can cause your cat to enter a trance like state, to roll around on the floor and to dribble. Cat nip is available loose and can be sprinkled on the floor but for a less messy option purchase toys stuffed with cat nip to add a new dimension to play time.


Many cats love nothing better than the chase and so will pursue balls with great vigour. Balls of silver foil or paper give you toys for free and some cats will even retrieve these when you throw them. Every cat is an individual and so you should experiment with different balls and materials to see what gets your cat energised. It could be something as simple as a sweet wrapper. Ping pong balls can produce particularly hilarious behaviour as cats will jump at them when they bounce but find them extremely hard to grip on to.


There is really no telling what will prove to be your cat's favourite toy. It could be the toy mouse that you carefully chose for him or it could be something that just happens to be lying around the house. Some cats can't resist wrapping paper whilst others are inexorably drawn to ribbons. It could be something that you offer them, it could be an item that they discover for themselves. Once you have found what gets your cat on the move keep their favourite toys to hand so that you can enjoy a little play every day. Just pray that they don't choose your goldfish to play with or develop a passion for ripping up your mail!

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