How To Make A Christmas Stocking For Your Dog

How To Make A Christmas Stocking For Your Dog

Christmas is special for the traditions it brings. It doesn't matter how you enjoy the festive period; anything goes from hanging wreaths on doors all the way through to the age-old board games your loved ones fall asleep to!

Pampering your dog is a fine festive activity to add to the list. We all know they're starved for attention at the best of times, so get them involved! The stocking is a great way to keep your pet's gifts in one out-of-the-way location, all the while enjoying a simple and rewarding DIY hobby activity that others can get involved in too.

Yes, you could purchase a stocking pre-made with doggie decorations. Where's the fun in that? What we've got for you today is an instructional DIY post that involves your dog. It's far from expensive - just a few common craft items and a cover on the floor to avoid the mess and you're good to go.

Let's take a look at that how-to for your own custom doggie stocking.


  • A generic, undecorated stocking
  • Paw-friendly paint
  • Markers to draw lettering
  • Disposable or easily cleaned plates
  • A Small sponge
  • Towels for clean-up
  • Glitter

    That's it!

    A general hobby store can easily cater for you here. Paints that are suitable for humans are just as easily cleaned from your pet. If you're flush with leftover paper and bags, use these to make sure the floor doesn't get too dirty.

    The How-to

    You might have an inkling of the process already!

    With your floor suitably covered by the papers and bags, you'll want to bring your dog over to you and get them settled. A quick treat for their good behaviour might aid in occupying their attention for a few minutes.

    From there, it's a simple matter of squeezing paint onto your plates. Anything that catches your fancy is fine - traditional Christmas colours or a mix are all options. Take a paw of your dog and gently place it in the paint and immediately swap out the plate for the stocking.

    In order to get a solid impression, you might want to consider having your dog stand up with its paw on the stocking. Once it's done and the paw removed, take some of the glitter we mentioned in the list and sprinkle it over before the paint dries.

    It's then a simple matter of repetition and a few 'good boy's to get the main job done!

    Once your paw prints have dried, all that's left is to put the name of your pet at the top of the stocking. Be careful with the permanent marker and don't be averse to a few test runs on paper beforehand. You don't want to drag your dog back to the plates all over again once the job's done!

    With the work out of the way, all that's left is to stuff your stocking with treats for the big day itself. A great, low-cost way to bring your companion into the festivities and enjoy a few honest laughs in the process. Can't argue with that!

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