How To Keep Your Dog Cool

How To Keep Your Dog Cool

Being a dog in the summertime is probably the equivalent of us wearing a warm coat and sitting in the conservatory. And as they can't shed that extra layer of warmth, there are definitely some positive steps you can take to relieve their discomfort.

Us humans are hot enough when the weather is oh so warm, can you imagine just how warm your pooch gets? It can be difficult to keep your dog cool on hot summer days, even when they are inside the house. Some rooms in the house can get really hot, especially at certain times of the day.

We've come up with some handy suggestions to make sure Fido stays as cool as possible whilst inside your home. . .

Spray them down

You can help keep your dog cool by spraying their paws, legs and around their neck with water.

Cooling Products

Your dog will appreciate an . This refreshing jacket can be plunged into water and put on a hot dog to reduce the risk of overheating. We have 6 sizes available. We also stock the, designed to provide relief. The non-toxic gel within the self-cooling mat will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. Perfect!

Keep curtains closed

When it is the hottest part of the day, pull the curtains and draw the blinds to keep the sun out of the house.

Turn the fan on

If you like keeping cool with a breeze of air circulation, there is every reason that your dog will appreciate this gesture too; in fact he will be your biggest fan!

Keep them out of conservatories and greenhouses

This excessive heat can prove too much for our furry friends, the simple rule of thumb is: If you wouldn't sit in it at any length, don't let your dog.

Leave fresh water out

Your dog also needs continuous hydration, the same as you do. Leave them a fresh bowl that they preferably can't push over. Consider purchasing an anti-skid heavyweight bowl, ideal for both food and water.

Cool Room

Where possible, allow them access to the coolest and shadiest room in the house. These few extra degrees of coolness can make all the difference. Rooms with tiles provide them with a cool space to relax, and cooling mats can really help to keep their body temperature down

Damp them down

With a cloth that has been dipped in cold water, pay particular attention to behind their ears, their neck, legs and paws. Dogs cannot sweat like us humans can, only from their paws, so ensure you give them a nice cooling cloth rub down to keep that body temperature down.

Paddling Pool

As long as you are supervising your dog, there is nothing wrong with getting some nice cool water into a paddling pool (in the garden, not the lounge!) and letting them cool down at will.

Watch what appliances you use

Some appliances can quickly increase the temperature of a room. For example, if you keep your dog in the kitchen, be mindful of using the oven on the hottest of days.

So there we have it, some real practical ways to keep your dog's cool at home during the hot weather. Make sure you check out our for a whole variety of pet cooling products!

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